From 4 pounds to 4 months

Our little 4-pounder is getting bigger. On November 26th, Genesee turned 4 months old…

… and at her Well Child appointment 2 days later, she suddenly weighed 12 lbs! (and 4 oz.)

Impressive, right? Well, with everybody celebrating, I was afraid it all just went to her head… literally. And just as I suspected, while Genesee’s weight scored in the 11th percentile and her 23-inch length came in at the 15th percentile, it was my sister’s big, bobblehead that landed her in the 61st percentile after the tape measure circling her head marked 41 cm!!

I’m not gonna lie… my ego was a little bruised by her stats that put my documented head measurements to shame, but it’s not a competition. I’m just happy to see my sister growing.

Because I can’t wait until her legs are big enough to chase, but never catch me. I can’t wait until her arms are strong enough to wrestle, but never pin me. I can’t wait until I win every other contest that doesn’t involve head circumference. I can’t wait to spend my whole life overcompensating for my below-average, underachieving, but definitely cute peanut head.

I’m not mad. I’m just happy to see my sister growing.

For the record, however, Genesee cried like a baby when the nurse administered her shots. Let’s all remember how I didn’t blink an eye when the needle broke my skin last month.

Luckily, it’s not a competition.

New School

Mom’s maternity leave ended, so I started my new school today….


“I’m not crying; you’re crying.”

Is it unreasonable to scream and sob like a blubbering mess if your parents have the audacity to leave you in the care of a reputable daycare facility while they head to their offices to earn money so that they can responsibly provide food, shelter, and Matchbox cars for their children?  (Asking for a friend.)

Okay, so maybe I shed a few tears upon arrival at my new school, but only because I was concerned that we were leaving Genesee in the hands of total strangers. What a terrifying situation for little G…

Okay, so maybe sissy conducted herself more gracefully than me, but in my defense, she didn’t understand the gravity of the situation. She’s young, and carefree, and oblivious, and must not have seen our parents get in the car. And drive away. WITHOUT US.

It should be noted, however, that I quickly recovered from my meltdown. Especially since I boarded a school bus at 8:45 a.m. for a field trip to Viterbo University to see the play, Pete the Cat. I sat in between my new teacher, Ms. Nichole, and my new friend Abbi. We giggled a lot. “It was so silly!”

It was lunchtime once we returned to my new school, so I enjoyed Beef Stroganoff, green beans, and mandarin oranges before taking a nap, checking in on my sister, and then burning off some energy at the playground.

Finally, as the sun began to set on my outdoor fun time, I SPOTTED MY PARENTS!!!!!!!! IN THE PARKING LOT!!!!!!! BECAUSE THEY RETURNED!!!!! I mean, no big deal. I knew they would. Just as they promised, just as they always have, and just like they will again tomorrow. No problem. I’ve got this. Actually, the day was way more fun than my morning screams would lead you to believe.


Wait. Did someone say I have to do this all over again tomorrow?


P.S. There’s a “Hudson” in my class!! It’s not the same as my best friend Hudson from campus, but kind of! This new school thing might work out after all.

Preparing for Christmas, Step by Step

When December is near, my family embarks on an adventure to fill our home with the spirit of Christmas and the scent of Evergreen. But since Genesee is too young to fully appreciate my most-anticipated holiday, I’ve carefully constructed a step-by-step process for her to review once she’s prepared to be a more active participant in the Goodenough tradition:

  1. On the ride to the Christmas Tree Farm, play walkie-talkie with family in the accompanying truck because that’s way more fun than conversing with family members right beside you. (No offense, mom & dad!)


  2. Enjoy a hearty Perkins breakfast of rainbow-sprinkled pancakes (compliments of Grandma & Grandpa) and consume enough calories to keep a syrup smile on your face.

  3. Arrive at Patterson’s Tree Farm and search for the biggest, hugest, most enormous Fraser Fir the world has ever seen.


  4. Allow yourself to get distracted once in a while so you can pretend you’re a reindeer.img_7994-1
  5. Settle on a smaller tree because Dad is the one with the chainsaw.

  6. Document everyone’s tree-finding success by saying “Cheese” in front of each tree.

  7. Bring the outdoors indoors by placing that Fraser in a tree stand and hoping it remains erect throughout the season.


  8. Sweet-talk Grandpa into inviting us over for a Grasshopper ice cream drink in celebration of the most wonderful time of the year.

  9. Return home with a full bully to decorate so hard you break a sweat… and three ornaments. But who’s counting? (Answer: Mom)

  10. Sit back, relax, admire your tree, and impatiently wait for Christmas to hurry up and get here!


Thanksgiving 2017

Genesee’s first Thanksgiving was one she’ll never remember. It consisted of the same old, bland menu and some snore-worthy conversation that left her uninspired and mostly asleep.

But, my sister isn’t rude. She’s just an adorable infant who only consumes milk, requires lots of sleep, and is still increasing her long-term memory capacity.

For the rest of us, Thanksgiving Day was memorable, delicious, and entertaining (thanks to me & Cortney), although it wasn’t the same without Uncle Harley’s stories and laughter echoing throughout the room.

Still, despite missing Harley and many other loved ones, we gather anyway to feed the soul, celebrate togetherness (whether in spirit or presence), and to always remember. Because we know there is joy in connection, that the recipes hold secrets of comfort, and the holiday season has the possibility of magic… if only you believe.

Goodbye, CCC!

Tuesday was my last day at the Campus Child Center. It was bittersweet. “Bitter” because I’m going to miss this place. “Sweet” because I brought cupcake treats to share!

It was also Hoedown day, so I got to dress up in my Western clothes and Nashville boots! We sang and danced and played. But at day’s end, my smile turned upside down as I emptied my locker and gave final hugs to the teachers and friends whom I’ve grown up with over the past two years.

As I walked out the door, questions flooded my mind… Will I ever see Hudson again? What about all my college buddies? And the university functions I like to frequent? Or spontaneous lunches with mom? Will I make friends at my new school?

I know that I’m resilient, and I typically adapt well to change, and I trust that my friendly personality will aid my transition to a new environment….. but goodbyes are hard. I sure hope my hellos will be easier.

The T&T Wedding

I love a good wedding. But Thad & Tommy? …They don’t mess around. I have never been to a more beautiful, delicious, extravagant, and just all-around magical wedding! Whoa.

Of course, you don’t need bells and whistles to impress me (although the bells and whistles were quite impressive)… it’s just fun to be a kid on the dance floor! And let me tell you… there are definite perks to being the ONLY kid at the wedding. Even better, those perks exponentially increase when you’re a well-behaved kid with a bowtie and killer dance moves. People couldn’t get enough of me, and they were equally impressed with baby Genesee’s calm, happy demeanor and her glittery-gold GoGo pants. I mean, friends and family came from near and far to commemorate Thad & Tommy’s happily-ever-after, but it was me & G who stole the show. (Okay, well, maybe the beautiful drag queen was the real show. Or perhaps the famous rapper, Biz Markie, was the main hit. And actually, Thad & Tommy did receive a lot of the much-deserved attention. But seriously, we were a close fourth.)

Nevertheless, beyond the fun I enjoyed and the fan club I inherited, we were there in celebration of something bigger… To steal words from one of Thad’s friends, “This [wedding] was about the triumph of love. Two spectacular humans stood together and vowed to intertwine their lives forever; we are just lucky enough to be given seats in their cheering section.”


Congratulations to my cousin Thad and his husband Tommy! And thanks for organizing a weekend that afforded me an opportunity to witness social progress, feel the power of love, spend quality time with Papa and his furry family, mingle with my extended family (especially Tasha!), reunite with my Aunt Nay Nay and Helen and Renee (whom I recently discovered are all the same person), and then eventually return home to my dearly-missed dad who was waiting with a big bear hug and his freshly cut Elk meat.

My heart is full!


My First Dentist Appt.

If you thought my smile was cute before, you should see it now that I survived my first dentist appointment… it’s still cute, but with an added sparkle! However, I didn’t just survive; I thrived! In fact, because I’ve taken such good care of my 20 little chompers, Dr. Dentist inducted me into the No Cavity Club! (I must have inherited my dad’s strong enamel.) Can I get a “woot-woot?!”

My Special Week

November 13th kicked off my special week at school, which means:

  • I was the featured model on the photo board.
  • Ms. Kate invited me to bring in my favorite books and toys for Show & Tell.
  • I got to endure a flu shot. (Wait a minute…that’s not special! But, I was especially brave for the big prick. And by “prick,” I mean the needle, not the administer.)
  • Mom joined me for lunchtime!

Everything about my special week was special… except for the fact that Dad was gone hunting in Montana the entire time. Missing dad during my special week was a big bummer, but I guess it’s a small price to pay sacrifice so that we can enjoy meat on the table all winter long, while mom survives on lettuce salad. Thanks, Dad!

Sweet Tooth

Just like the candy in my trick-or-treat bucket, Halloween came and went quickly. I enjoyed the holiday weekend by collecting delicious treats at Festival Foods’ Boo Fest and at all the shops of La Crosse’s downtown business district. IT. WAS. SWEET! Literally. So, it’s a good thing (but bad timing) that I’m scheduled for my very first dentist appointment next week. Wish me luck!