New Mom & Baby Group: Final Appearance

Mom and I decided to attend one last New Mom & Baby Group before maternity leave ends. We met up with Aunt Mahruq and cousin Sonia there! There were lots of new little faces, but my favorite one to look at was Sonia’s. I had a lot of fun showing off my strong neck and tummy time skills… until the face plant happened. Luckily the only thing bruised was my ego.

What’s up, Doc? (4 month check-up)

Today mom and dad took me to the doctor for my well child check-up. Doc says I’m healthy and cute! At 3.5 months, I weighed in at 13 lbs and 11 ounces, which puts me in the 40th percentile for weight. At 25 inches long, I scored around the 64th percentile for height/length. My peanut head, however, was only in the 12% range. Whoops! Still, Doc says all my numbers look good; I’m growing big and strong! He even said I can try solid foods in a couple weeks if I want. He suggested starting with rice cereal or vegetable/fruit baby food, but I was thinking more along the lines of chocolate cake! So, that’s the good news. The bad news came when the nurse decided I was due for more shots. First she was all nicey-nicey, telling me how everything would be okay, and then BAM! …She stuck a needle in each of my legs. Ouch!! Someone needs to tell her that is no way to make friends. Luckily I survived, but I overheard mom and dad make an appointment for a 6 month check-up?! I’m either staying home next time or demanding that we get switched to a nurse who isn’t armed with needles.

The Not-So-Lazy River

This past Sunday we cruised along the mighty Mississippi River! There were bumps, splashes, rainstorms and all sorts of risky business… not quite the lazy river I grew fond of in the Dells, but fun nonetheless. It was also the second consecutive river trip we braved without ketchup! Hamburgers and brats without condiments?! …We sure are thrill seekers! And of course, no river trip is complete without a stop at Pizza Corral. Yummers! I’m not sure if their pizza is anything to brag about, but the milk was just what I ordered! (…Through a demanding, yet cute, whimper.) Which begs the question, why isn’t it named the Milk Corral?

The beginning of this week started out with a bang, as I spent today and yesterday hanging out with the Babysitters Club again. (Good times!) Tomorrow I have my 4-month check up and then we’re going to meet with my daycare provider on Thursday. Finally, we will take our thrill-seeking selves to Platteville for the weekend to visit Gretchen and Koty!

Stay tuned to read updates from those adventures…

The plot thickens

Who doesn’t love a good romance novel?! As you will see in the video below, the suspense was killing me. I didn’t understand everything, but it looked like a beautiful love story. Thanks for reading to me, Cortney!

The Babysitters Club

Yesterday, mom took me to Grandma Goodenough’s house because apparently my “cute face” causes too much distraction for her work-from-home Mondays. She dropped me off at 9:30 a.m. and didn’t pick me up until 6:15 p.m. It’s the longest time we have ever spent apart and I didn’t miss her one bit… not only did I get lots of love from Grandma, but I also spent many fun hours playing with Ashlee, Cortney, Aunt Julie and Ria. It was one big, happy babysitters club!!

photo 2

Today, just mom and I hung out together. She basically kissed me non-stop because she missed me so much yesterday. (Can you blame her?) Mom says it’s going to be hard to go back to work full-time in August. She also informed me that I won’t get to hang out with the Babysitters Club because I’ll have to go to daycare. Huh?! In fact, I’ll be spending my days in the infant room at the YWCA with some other little knuckleheads. …And that’s when I decided to break out my exercise toys and strengthen my leg muscles. I’ll show those kids who’s in charge when I walk myself in there like a BOSS! (Or get carried in by my mom…either way.)

Love a fair!

Today you would have found me at the La Crosse Interstate Fair! Some of us got to indulge in fresh, hot mini donuts, pulled pork sandwiches, batterfried jalapeño cheese curds, fresh squeezed lemonade, and strawberry cheesecake ice cream. The rest of us got to drink warm milk. We walked around and visited many furry friends, examined big tractors, and perused art exhibits. My favorite part of the fair was watching my cousin Ashlee compete in various horsey events and walking around with Cortney to admire all of the ribbons they won! When it was time to go, I put on my best frowny face because I wasn’t done having fun, but it didn’t work. Mom says sometimes life isn’t fair. But I think it should be… I love a fair!

Old MacDonald had a PIZZA farm!

Just when I thought the world couldn’t get any better, I discovered pizza farms. Yummers! We visited Suncrest Gardens Farm with Aunt Amery and Uncle Dan last night and we had a blast. It was like a zoo, a vegetable garden, a pizza party, a park, a picnic and a campfire all singing Kumbaya in perfect harmony. Uncle Dan showed mom how to roast the perfect s’more, followed by a lesson of how to perfectly drop it into the fire. Silly Dan! It was such a lovely night… perfect temperature, beautiful sunset, cute piggies, hip music, twinkling stars, delicious pizza (so I’m told) and good company. Pizza farms are the best!