Thanksgiving 2017

Genesee’s first Thanksgiving was one she’ll never remember. It consisted of the same old, bland menu and some snore-worthy conversation that left her uninspired and mostly asleep.

But, my sister isn’t rude. She’s just an adorable infant who only consumes milk, requires lots of sleep, and is still increasing her long-term memory capacity.

For the rest of us, Thanksgiving Day was memorable, delicious, and entertaining (thanks to me & Cortney), although it wasn’t the same without Uncle Harley’s stories and laughter echoing throughout the room.

Still, despite missing Harley and many other loved ones, we gather anyway to feed the soul, celebrate togetherness (whether in spirit or presence), and to always remember. Because we know there is joy in connection, that the recipes hold secrets of comfort, and the holiday season has the possibility of magic… if only you believe.

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