Falling for Fall

Every year around this time, I start to fall for Fall… especially when the season brings together some of my favorites: friends, farm-fresh Winghaven pizza, and Ferguson’s Apple Orchard! Each visit to these Galesville fall-tour fun spots creates precious memories and marks new milestones. When I look back on this particular day, I will probably tell the story of that time when our new friend Noah joined the party, and how Genesee ate more pizza than I did, and that I was brave enough to enter the Slightly Scary Haunted House all by myself, and somehow, the final score of the cornfield adventure was Corn Maze: 1, Us: 0.


The end of summer

Summer is over, says the calendar. I mean, summer and I sort of called it quits once I returned to school full-time, but today, summer officially left. I’m not completely heartbroken and I have no regrets; it was good while it lasted and we made incredible memories. I’ll let the pictures tell the story….

As you can see, I experienced a lot with summer, even some firsts, and I grew so much along the way; I will be forever grateful for how warm summer was to me. Although I’m having to move on to fall, trust me when I say that although summer and I had to weather some storms, it was worth every rainbow!

Ashlee turns 15!

On September 9th, we celebrated my cousin/babysitter-extraordinaire/best friend’s 15th birthday. One might assume that a super-cool 15-year-old high schooler wouldn’t want to hang out with a cute, little, still-need-my-butt-wiped 4-year-old, but Ashlee’s something special. She always has time for me and even invites me to sit with her and her friends at high school sporting events. I’m lucky to have such a beautiful soul in my village. Ashlee is kind and patient and loyal… and it’s like she never grows too old to love me.

Happy birthday, cousin! As you make another trip around the sun, I hope you get to feel its warmth every day because that’s the gift you’ve given me.

First day of 4-k

September 4, 2018 marked my first day of 4-k! Since mom and dad have busy/commuter work schedules, they decided to open-enroll me into the Onalaska School District so that I can continue taking field trips learning at the Children’s Treehouse.

Genesee and I attend CTH together, and this year, we have new teachers, a new building, a new playground, and even some new friends! That’s a lot of transition for two, cute, melt-down-prone kiddos, but guess who survived drop-off without any tears?! Yep, yours truly: Genesee. But also me, for the most part, just 11 hugs later.

I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us; we’re already off to a great start!