Lucky #7

On April 16th, I got lucky.

It was my 7th birthday, we had no school, and I found a surprise delivery at my front door: my good friend, Danny! We played our hearts out at my house and then mom took us to a movie, followed by a drive through Taco Bell, which ended with lunch at the park!

Then, over my birthday weekend, we hosted a pizza party… the first family gathering at our house since summer!

Just like every birthday, I have lots to be thankful for…. mostly the presence and good health of my loving family, but I’m not mad about the presents I got either! I will surely become quite active with my new bike, golf clubs, smart basketball, and smart soccer ball; keep up with me if you can!

Soccer Star

I’ve officially launched my soccer career. And let me tell you, I’ve got moves you’ve never seen!

Like at my first game, I leaned my upper body strangely far ahead of my feet (even though I’ve never run with that posture before) and then I clumsily fell forward every time I touched the ball. My fan club seemed confused, yet entertained, so I just kept running myself to the ground.

For game 2, I tried a different strategy: Staying upright. (Which worked, because I scored a goal!)

Lesson for the next game: Remembering that throw-ins on the soccer field are not like jump shots on the basketball court.

Follow me for more soccer tips!

Easter 2021

Despite forgetting to leave out carrots, the Easter Bunny was gracious enough to pay us a visit anyway, and left behind chocolates, toys, movies, and baskets full of happiness.

That’s what you call classy, thoughtful, and selfless… spreading goodness to others without needing to chase a dangled carrot.

The world needs more Easter Bunnies.