Goodbye, CCC!

Tuesday was my last day at the Campus Child Center. It was bittersweet. “Bitter” because I’m going to miss this place. “Sweet” because I brought cupcake treats to share!

It was also Hoedown day, so I got to dress up in my Western clothes and Nashville boots! We sang and danced and played. But at day’s end, my smile turned upside down as I emptied my locker and gave final hugs to the teachers and friends whom I’ve grown up with over the past two years.

As I walked out the door, questions flooded my mind… Will I ever see Hudson again? What about all my college buddies? And the university functions I like to frequent? Or spontaneous lunches with mom? Will I make friends at my new school?

I know that I’m resilient, and I typically adapt well to change, and I trust that my friendly personality will aid my transition to a new environment….. but goodbyes are hard. I sure hope my hellos will be easier.

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