Faces of me

Check out some of the faces I’ve been working on!

Which one is your favorite? 

Horsing around

Yesterday we went to see my cousin/bff Ashlee at her horse show! She looked like a professional out there. Congrats, Ashlee! You were the star of the show in my eyes.

The cutest giraffe ever.

Am I the cutest giraffe you’ve ever seen, or what!? Mom & Grandma Goodenough took me to a photo shoot yesterday. This is a sneak peek at one of my outfits. I can’t wait to show this picture to all of my buddies when I’m in high school… they’ll think I’m too cool for school!

photo 2


I went on my first camping trip over the weekend! After we set up camp, I got showered with gifts from Great Aunt Mary, Great Uncle Peter, and my new friends/cousins Sydney, Mackenzie, Zach & Jill! Then we went for a walk to explore the park and, along the way, one nice family offered to babysit me because I am “soooo cute,” but mom and dad decided to keep me.  Once we got back to our site, I watched everybody eat a yummy supper and then a few of us enjoyed the outdoor movie! We ended the night by relaxing around a fire and then I got to snuggle in bed with mom and dad.

On Saturday, we woke up to a delicious breakfast and then went for more walks! Later in the day, mom and dad took me swimming for the first time. I didn’t get to swim for long because Mom was worried that I might turn into Thunderpants and shut down the pool, but it was fun while it lasted. When we returned to our site, Great Uncle Harley, Great Aunt Ellen, Garrett and Morgan had come to visit. Apparently those nice ladies find me irresistible and they weren’t going to leave until they held me and got their “Jaeger fix.” I, of course, obliged. Eventually, after another good-smelling supper, we ended up around the fire again for s’mores! Wow… whoever invented those was really smart. I’m putting s’mores at the top of my list when I’m ready for solid foods!

On Sunday we rode the Jellystone Express Train to Three Bears Lodge and then came back for root beer floats and snacks. The whole weekend was filled with fun, relaxation, food and Jaeger-holding. Even though I was hoping we were going to live in Jellystone, by 4:00 we were packing up to head back home. I mean, I like our life on Deerwood Drive, but we don’t quite have the talking bears, endless supplies of cotton candy, water slides and outdoor movies that Jellystone offers. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade our living quarters?!

Touring Waukesha

This past weekend I got to meet more family as we traveled through Waukesha! In one of the pictures below, you’ll see me being the life of the party at my Great Uncle Norman & Great Aunt Gerry’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party.  Nobody hired me to be the entertainment, but somehow I was quite the hit! Then we made a quick visit to see Aunt Donna and my cousin Cloey. I hope we can stay longer next time… mom and Donna have been friends since way before I was born and I can see why. And finally, I got to meet my Great Grandma Garcia! She had lots of stories to tell and she made me feel connected to her daughter (my Grandma Florence), who is no longer with us in a physical sense, but is definitely here in spirit.

Father’s Day

Yesterday I celebrated my dad, my Grandpa Florence and my Grandpa Goodenough. They are the three men that I get my good looks and awesome personality from! They are my first and forever heroes and I aspire to be like them when I grow up. I’m not sure how I got so super duper lucky to have such incredible father figures in my life, but I’m glad I did. Happy Father’s Day!

Lung capacity

photo (3)

Well, we got to stop at the outlet mall! (But not because I was good.) I decided to test out my lungs to see if these things work and dad was not amused. So, we pulled over in the Dells and mom sprinted into the stores while Dad and I hung out and had lunch. After a few minutes dollars, everyone was happy again! Road trips are FUN!

Feeling the love

Here are some of my friends/aunties that I visited this week… I am loved! I also got to hang out with Angela and see Uncle Will for a while! Now we’re off to visit with some of the Florence family! Maybe we’ll stop at one of the outlet malls on the way if I’m good?! Mom packed enough diapers so we can stay the whole month, although I’m pretty sure we’re coming back home tomorrow. I guess she’s just trying to be prepared in case Thunderpants makes an appearance during this road trip.

Busy Body

I think I’ve been all around the world in the last week! Check out the pictures below to see snapshots of my travels. Tomorrow is my 8-week birthday and instead of celebrating, I’m going to stay home and recover from my adventures as a 7-week-old. But it’s back to La Crosse again for Thursday and Friday, and then I’m going to make a big trip to Mukwonago this weekend to see Grandpa Florence again! Woohoo… I can’t wait! Keep up with me if you can.