From 4 pounds to 4 months

Our little 4-pounder is getting bigger. On November 26th, Genesee turned 4 months old…

… and at her Well Child appointment 2 days later, she suddenly weighed 12 lbs! (and 4 oz.)

Impressive, right? Well, with everybody celebrating, I was afraid it all just went to her head… literally. And just as I suspected, while Genesee’s weight scored in the 11th percentile and her 23-inch length came in at the 15th percentile, it was my sister’s big, bobblehead that landed her in the 61st percentile after the tape measure circling her head marked 41 cm!!

I’m not gonna lie… my ego was a little bruised by her stats that put my documented head measurements to shame, but it’s not a competition. I’m just happy to see my sister growing.

Because I can’t wait until her legs are big enough to chase, but never catch me. I can’t wait until her arms are strong enough to wrestle, but never pin me. I can’t wait until I win every other contest that doesn’t involve head circumference. I can’t wait to spend my whole life overcompensating for my below-average, underachieving, but definitely cute peanut head.

I’m not mad. I’m just happy to see my sister growing.

For the record, however, Genesee cried like a baby when the nurse administered her shots. Let’s all remember how I didn’t blink an eye when the needle broke my skin last month.

Luckily, it’s not a competition.

One thought on “From 4 pounds to 4 months

  1. Oh Jaeger,
    This is the funniest and most adorable post I’ve read to date. I’m glad everyone is growing big and strong… I’m still chuckling. Happy Holidays!

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