Oktoberfest 2016

Pop Quiz: What’s better than going to the Oktoberfest parade?

Answer: BEING the Oktoberfest parade!

Trust me when I say I spent countless hours practicing my high-knee march in the living room with much enthusiasm and dedication. But, as it turns out, the living room fails to prepare even the most skilled marchers for how distracting and intimidating the paparazzi experience can be. Still, I’m confident that my camera-shyness and stiff-knees didn’t disappoint my fan club (mom, Grandma and Jackie)! In fact, I got lots of hugs, kisses, and high-fives to prove it.

Cran Fest 2016

I survived the 2016 Warrens Cranberry Festival! Dad had to work on Saturday, so mom and I tagged along with Grandma & Grandpa to enjoy some outdoor shopping. As it turns out, however, mom and Grandma were the main shoppers because I had to babysit Grandpa. (Luckily, he was well-behaved.)

We also met up with Great Aunt Mary and Great Uncle Peter and got to play in their camper! My favorite part of the whole day was the yummy meat & cheese tray, compliments of Peter. But I also had fun people-watching, listening to trains, jumping on the inflatable tiger, and taste testing a cranberry-infused cream puff!

My only regret was not getting to splash in the mud puddles that were scattered throughout the festival grounds. Of course, it’s just as fun to stay dry and clean… SAID NO ONE EVER. So watch out mud puddles, because next time, I’m not going to let a silly seatbelt hold me back.

Revisiting Lark Toys

Last weekend, we made a return trip to Lark Toys. We ate ice cream and fudge, read books, played with toys and rode the carousel! It was all fun and games until we had to leave. But luckily, I didn’t walk out empty-handed; Grandpa and Dad spotted a super-duper airplane kite that wanted to come home with us. And so today, the fun continued as we played in the wind, pretended to be pilots, and flew that plane as high as a kite!!

Dear School: I’m back!

I survived my first couple weeks in the 2-year-old room! It was a slightly rough transition with lots of morning tears at first, but by the second week, Mom did much better.

My new teacher’s name is Angela, but I still like to run into my old room to say “HiiiiiByeee!” to Kim before starting each day. I was happy to see some familiar friends in this new room, especially Huddy & Sonia, but there’s a lot of kiddos I don’t know, so maybe I’ll expand my buddy circle this year?!

Since returning to campus, I’ve been able to experience neat-o things, like a musical show by the UWL Marching Band, Awareness through Performance, puddle-jumping from rainstormsand just your casual hang-outs with mom’s favorite college students. Plus, later this month, on September 29, I’ll be participating in our very own Oktoberfest Parade!

I’m confident I’ll learn a lot this year, but one thing I know already: Life. Is. Good.

How to beat the system

In case you’re ever looking for me, you might find me in the office, playing with my new Thomas the Train Track Master set! Wanna know how to get one of these?

Step 1: Be a really good, patient, charming kiddo while mom and dad are running boring errands.

Step 2: Like, so good that mom and dad feel compelled to stop by Toys R Us as a reward for such impeccable behavior.

Step 3: Listen closely as they say “You can pick out ONE toy,” and notice that they gave no other parameters.

Step 4: Strategically find the biggest box in the store that features Thomas the Train. Innocently and with great enthusiasm, point to your discovered toy and say “I found one!”

Step 5: Keep looking irresistibly cute as mom and dad squirm, wishing they had given more parameters.

Step 6: Scream and clap as you watch mom & dad place the big box in the backseat of your vehicle.

Step 7: Smile and giggle the whole way home about how you just beat the system.

Step 8: Enjoy being the proud, new owner of ONE nice toy!