Sioux Falls Soccer

When mom signed me up for a competitive soccer league at my request, we had no idea that our first tournament would take place out of state. But there we were anyway, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, wishing we would have read the fine print.

Still, it gave us a fun opportunity to explore another Jellystone Park with our motorhome. And even though we lost all three games, I loved getting to play with my cousin, Maddox, I learned a lot from my older teammates on this U-10 league, and I think I’m going to really enjoy being trained by Coach Zach.

Most importantly, however, in between games, we got to peruse the city a bit and even met up with the Porters at MacKenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub (although I could have done without that scary thunder and lightning storm that started to flood their front lobby)… yikes!

Okay, Sioux Falls, I see what you did there… you convinced me to return some day… maybe for the 2022 First National Bank Fall Kick Off if I still love soccer by then.

Ready or Not

This guy has officially reached second grade status!

I was excited to have school back in session, even though it will be a little different this year with my little 4K sidekick on campus. Being the thoughtful big brother that I am, I showed Genesee the ropes and all of the tips and tricks during open house. Upon setting her free, Genesee sprinted down the hallway like she owned the place because, well, she’s about to. My sister spent all summer getting ready for school. Now we’ll find out if school is ready for her. Grab your popcorn and stay tuned….

Swing and Persist

Dear Golf Ball,

If you don’t like getting hit, you’re going to love my sister! She comes out swinging, but have no fear, she inherited my mom’s golf skills.

Dear Failure,

You never even cross my sister’s mind, so go find someone else to play with. She would never let you win anyway.

Bunk Buds!

Move over crib, we’ve got bunk beds in the house!

Ever since Grandpa, Dad, and I built this twin-over-full bunk bed (with trundle) for Genesee’s bedroom, we are officially slumber party ready!!! In fact, I’ll be her bunk bud forever! Or, for now, at least…. sleeping on her top bunk until my grey lookalike bed gets assembled in the other corner of the basement.

Let the nighttime shenanigans begin!

Goodbye, Lance

Goodbyes are hard… especially when you have to part ways with one of your first loves: Lance.

We had some wild times together, under the stars, and even though this break up was in the best interest of both of us, it still hurt. Thank you for the memories, truck camper. You will always be loved.