Genesee turns 1

On July 26th, Genesee became a 1-year-old! Guess what she got for her birthday?!


[Photo taken at school]

Hand-Foot-Mouth disease and 4 shots at her Well Child visit. It wasn’t pretty.

But, fortunately, that’s not the whole story. As a newly-turned 1-year-old, Genesee’s health is otherwise great. She weighs 19 lbs and 3 oz. (40th percentile), measures 29.3 inches tall (55%), and has a 44 cm head circumference (25%). Woot. Woot! Those are the doctors’ stats; here are my observations:

  • Genesee is very mischievous and thinks “no” means “yes.”
  • She can typically be found opening cupboards or playing in toilets.
  • She LOVES ice cream, all of my cars, and a good game of peek-a-boo.
  • Genesee is now drinking whole milk… no more formula… and sometimes from a sippy cup!
  • She’s growing her top two front teeth.
  • Genesee does seem to like her car seat a little better these days (we switched her to a bigger one since I’ve graduated to a booster seat), but her meltdowns instead take place in the mornings at school drop-off.
  • She’s really goin’ places! She can pull herself up, crawl up the stairs, and zoom from one spot to the next.
  • She is smart, sassy, fearless, and so stinkin’ adorable.
  • And perhaps the most important observation: Genesee seems to have the best big brother in the world.


Celebrating G & Mom

Pop Quiz: What’s better than a birthday party?  Answer: Two birthday parties!

In late July, we threw a double birthday party to celebrate Genesee’s first year of life and Momma’s last year in her thirties. We served up homemade cheesy-creamy-chicken enchiladas with cilantro-lime rice and ordered an epic, not-homemade, Sesame-Street-themed birthday cake with 4 options of ice cream flavors… it was DElicious!

Also delicious was the looks of Genesee’s smash cake before she, well, smashed it. Everyone placed bets that she would indeed destroy the cake, unlike me when I was her age… I wasn’t sure what to do with that thing and wanted no part in getting messy… which seems commendable if you ask me. But no one asked me. So when Genesee proved us all right and made a big mess, the crowd seemed enthusiastically impressed. Huh? It’s a strange world I live in.

After I helped Genesee open all of her presents (because I’m a helper, not a destroyer), I had the honor of surprising mom with her big birthday gift: a new bike! Woohoo! Now we can go on family bike rides… but only trails that are paved or smooth, gravel-less and have no hills or curves per Mom’s request. So, if you want to come along for a ride, meet us at our house, on the hardwood floor, where we can make several slow, safe laps around the kitchen island. “It’ll be fun,” said no avid biker ever.

Happiest of birthdays to the lovely ladies in my life!

Fair enough

Last year, we couldn’t attend the La Crosse Interstate Fair because we were being held hostage at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. So, this year, we went twice just to make up for lost fun. “Fair enough,” I said!

It was Genesee’s first time cheering on our cousins while they horsed around, and it was my first time going on the rides (the Ferris Wheel with Mom and the Dragon rollercoaster with Ash and Cortney)!  Of course, we also enjoyed the mini donuts, cheese curds, ice cream, deep-fried cookie dough, and corn dogs because it’s a fair… duh.

I’m sure glad we made it this year; missing out would’ve resulted in true heartbreak… Genesee developed a love affair with cotton candy and I fell head-over-heels for all the rides I’ve been deprived of my whole life. We’re both already looking forward to next year… when we’re taller (for the bigger rides) and hungrier (for the larger bag of cotton candy). Hopefully, our true loves will be there waiting for us.

ATV Clubbin’

Last weekend, we packed up our Hondas to explore the Mississippi River Bluffs in the great beyond. Sponsored by the Trempealeau County ATV Club, we joined 100 ATV strangers and embarked on an adventure that took us through 51 scenic miles of private trails. 6 hours of riding later, I had a slightly sore butt and a big smile to show for it. The only thing that would have made it better was if Mom and sissy could have been our passengers. But since the rugged terrain isn’t baby proof, Genesee will have to wait until she’s more mature, like me.

Hosting Superheroes

My favorite superheroes of all time are Auntie Cha Cha and Ernest.

So when I learned that we would be hosting these superheroes at our house in early July, I knew we had to plan a super duper week….

First things first, we sent them on a surprise La Crosse Segway Tour. Surprise!

Then, we gave them a taste of La Crosse at the Pearl and Rudy’s Drive-In before taking in the best view of the city on Grandad Bluff.

Day 2 was spent in Lanesboro, where we embarked on a biking excursion along the Root River.

And since tired legs deserve a nice cool-down stretch, we headed to Rainbow Ridge Farm before day’s end to experience Goat Yoga.

Day 3 was reserved for a relaxing cruise along the Mississippi River so we could save our energy for the shenanigans that would ensue on Day 4…

…at Chuck E Cheesers!

After “SO-MUCH-FUN” with games and cotton candy, our superheroes were off to southeastern Wisconsin to visit Papa Florence. But they couldn’t escape us that easily… we hopped in our car and caught up with them in Mukwonago, where we biked through Miniwaukan Park…

…visited Nana Florence’s brick on her 11th anniversary at the newly remodeled Mukwonago High School…

…and ended that day by boarding the East Troy Trolley, just like we did a couple years ago!

Needless to say, a super-duper-awesome week made for a super-duper-difficult goodbye. But off they went anyway because a superhero’s work is never done (and they only get so many vacation days).

So until we meet again, I’ll have to hang with the other superhero in the family… she’s not as fun, but she does have a cape!


Come back soon, Cha Cha & E!! We miss you already, and also, Genesee needs some cape-wearing lessons. (How embarrassing!)

The Black River

To kick off July, Dad and I took the ladies out for a spin in the little boat to show off my driving skills. We entered the water above the dam so we could tour the scenic, upstream section of the Black River. The best part? We stopped at Culver’s drive-thru beforehand so we could convert our chicken tenders, onion rings, and root beer floats into a sunset dinner cruise!

After our romantic family date, I took a quick bike loop around the Lunda Community Park before we settled back in at home, awaiting Aunt Cha Cha’s arrival. I love summer weekends!!