Reunited and it feels so good!

My mom came back! She was gone for a week, attending the LeaderShape program in Ferryville, WI. Upon her return, she made a surprise appearance at daycare to play with me and my buddies for the last couple hours of the day.

While mom was away, not only did Dad keep me safe and alive, but we also stayed out of trouble. We had fun times together! Here are some of the highlights from our boys-only week:

  • I turned 11 months old!
  • I helped Dad buy groceries so we could make yummy chicken tacos for mom’s homecoming.
  • I cheered on the Melrose-Mindoro boys basketball team!
  • We did the laundry.
  • We sent mom cute videos of me so she wouldn’t get a case of the frownies.
  • I went on a hike with my new hat that dad ordered for me.
  • Dad locked me out of the kitchen cabinets. (Rude!)
  • We watered mom’s plants because we’re thoughtful like that.
  • I moved out of my infant bathtub and into the grown-up tub.
  • We facilitated a sneaky operation to remove the fleece sheets from my parents’ bed before mom could protest.
  • I parted ways with my pacifier. (So far.)
  • Dad bought me a new carseat to travel in because I’m a big boy now.
  • We visited the Mighty Mississippi!

Even though there’s something magical about boys-only time, we decided to let mom back in the house so that we can be a family of 3 again. After all, having a woman around makes us better men (says my mom as she crashes our boys-only party).

Check out my new ride!


How do you like my new ride? (See above photo) I found it at Menards and I loved it! Let me know if you want one too… I can hook you up.

Also, check out the below photos to see some other happenings since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy! In fact, several things that haven’t been iPhone-documented are my appearance at UW-L’s Reflections of Ebony (hosted by Black Student Unity), partaking in the Amazing Race party at the Wintertons, perusing campers at the Milwaukee RV expo, being part of the fan club for Ashlee & Cortney’s 4-H talent show, and cheering on the Melrose-Mindoro High School Boys Basketball team. I can’t wait to see what the rest of March has in store for me… maybe a few more joyrides in my new wheels?!