Tomb it may concern:

This Halloween, I wasn’t afraid to make terroriffic memories boocause October only comes around, well, in October. (See what I did there? If not, keep reading at your own risk and beware the puns that might creep in.)

We carved out time to find the great pumpkin, devour frightful amounts of candy corn, and decorate the house with spooktacular window clings. This was the month to channel my inner Mickey Mouse and declare “Boo!” every five minutes. It was fangtastic beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Dad, mummy, and I maximized the season by embarking on adventures like roasting (and consuming) the most ghoulishly delightful pumpkin seeds,

collecting Tootsie Rolls as I Mickey-Moused my way through the Enchanted Forest,

tricking several treats into my bucket at Dad’s 10th floor office suite and the Omni Center Halloween Bash,

and having a hair-raising good time at the Country Bumpkin Farm Market in Wisconsin Dells, where I zip-lined, played tug-of-war, rode the tractor/train, fed the petting farm animals, raced on pedal karts, helped launch the pumpkin catapult, played tether ball, and so, so much more!

In summary, we took fun to scary levels because we know how to have a wicked good time.


Witching you all were along for the hayride,
Jaeger Mickey Mouse

The Social Life

Last weekend, I was busy making an appearance at AJ’s wedding (congrats to the happy couple!), attending Todd’s finished-patio/deck/backyard-party (looks awesome, Todd!), and inspecting the entire Myrick Park playground (several times over)!

We. Were. Busy.

It’s not easy having such a packed social life. And by “not easy,” I mean, it’s totally easy! And totally fun! And totally should happen all over again this weekend!


Progress Report (School)

I’m loving school! From the family pizza parties, to the decorated room for each weekly theme, to the opportunities to tap into my inner artist… I am thriving!

On Monday, my parent-teacher conference was a success! According to my mom, I’m getting an A++ in the subjects of Awesome and Super Star. According to Ms. Angela, my teacher, I have an extensive vocabulary, I like to ask questions, I enjoy learning, I am knowledgeable about a wide range of topics, and I bring my imagination to life on the playground.

But as much as I like school, I sometimes look forward to the end of the day, particularly when I get to attend campus events hosted by the college students. Not only do I get lots of love and attention from my older buddies (shout out to my sister, Jamie!), but occasionally I score a free cupcake too! And you know what they say about cupcakes, right? Well, in the spirit of school, here’s a pop quiz:


A. make the world go ’round.
B. make good days gooder.
C. are the way to my heart!
D. are Jaeger tested and approved.
E. All of the above.

(In case your progress report wasn’t as stellar as mine, the answer is E.)

Child Neglect

This is what happens when mom is in charge of “watching me,” while she grades papers…

…A melty, chocolatey disaster!

But if this is what child neglect tastes like, please continue to look away while I help myself to more “lunch.”

Halfway to three!

Today I’m officially 2 ½. Happy half birthday to me!! This year, I requested for my special day to be conveniently placed between Sweetest Day and Boss’s Day. Because I’m the sweetest. And the boss.

Here’s what life looks like these days, in pictures:

And here’s what life looks like these days, in summary:

  • I’m happy and silly 95% of the time.
  • I don’t get puzzled by too many puzzles; I welcome the challenge.
  • When I clinch my teeth and get a special twinkle in my eye, get ready to be tackled because it’s WWF time.
  • I’ve started digging for gold… in my nostrils.
  • I’ve recently discovered the word “Why.” So, currently, a typical conversation sounds like:
    • Jaeger: Are we going to school?
    • Mom: Yes.
    • Jaeger: Why?
    • Mom: Because it’s a school day.
    • Jaeger: Why?
    • Mom: Because we can learn a lot at school. Did you just throw a Cheerio at my head?
    • Jaeger: Why?
    • Mom: Jaeger, please stop throwing Cheerios at my head; I’m driving.
    • Jaeger: Why? Can I have some milk?
    • Mom: Yes.
    • Jaeger: Why?
    • Mom: Jaeger, take your milk and let’s play the quiet game. It’s fun. And quiet.
    • Jaeger: Why?
  • I love peanuts. All of them. Just give me the jar.
  • I can turn the lights on and off. But when you’re in the shower, I only know how to turn them off.
  • I’m making great progress on my manners. (Nevermind the nose-picking. And please excuse my occasional whine.) But, want me to share? No, thank you!
  • While my feet skipped size 8 shoes and went right to size 9, my legs keep growing too! So instead of waiting for a flood to come, I’ve started shopping for 3T pants.
  • I make a really cute alarm clock. But cute as I am, mom says it’s still alarming at 4:45 in the morning. So, some days, out of the kindness of my heart, I let my parents off easy and wake up at 5:30 instead.
  • I’ve rediscovered my love for Mickey Mouse. (But Thomas the Train is still my true love.)
  • I remain unconvinced that underpants are cooler than diapers.

Life as a 2 ½-year-old is sure to be one big adventure. And with each passing month, I plan to get faster and sillier. I will take more risks and outsmart the smartest. I will keep eating and growing. And eating. So watch out, age three…. I’m coming for you!

Wanted: More Apples & Fun Parks

Before apple season turns into hot chocolate season and all the trees become naked, we decided to go in search of fun parks and more apples at Ecker’s Apple Farm.

That’s right, weekdays… we know how to have fun when you’re not around! We enjoyed live music, caramel apples, scenic overlooks, rock climbing walls, slides, shopping, and a pizza joint!

I had so much fun that I accidentally fell asleep on the car ride home and didn’t wake up until the next morning! Or perhaps that was no accident at all and actually part of the masterplan? Hmmmm…. well played, parents, well played.



Maple Leaf Parade

…But just for good measure, we decided to check out the Maple Leaf Parade to confirm my untested theory that being in the parade is better than watching the parade.


The results?  Inconclusive.

Unfortunately (wink-wink), this means I’ll need to attend a few more parades to gather additional empirical evidence and further evaluate.