Spring Break 2017!

To beat the winter blues, we decided to head south for warmer more of the same weather. But although Tennessee was experiencing an unwelcome cold snap during our visit, we still managed to enjoy our big adventure.

Our first stop was at Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort, where we spent our nights eating homecooked meals and watching movies at our comfy cabin, while our days were maximized by exploring 130 miles of rugged, muddy, and sometimes-not-what-we-signed-up-for trails.

Next, we traveled to Nashville to take in the music scene. When we ate at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, not only did I run into one of my college-student-teachers from UW-La Crosse, but I also had the opportunity to debut my very own singing skills when I requested the musicians perform “Twinkle, Twinkle!” Unfortunately, stage fright got the best of me and now we’ll never know if I could have made it big.

Overall, it was a super-duper trip! I always love where our travels take us, but my favorite place to go is home.

At home, I relive the memories from the comfort of my own parents’ bed. Some highlights I will always cherish are the “firsts” I added to my list of accomplishments: I pooped in the woods (twice!), peed in the river, and got my very own pair of cowboy boots! Other memorable moments include devouring Grandma’s chicken salad sandwiches, laughing at Grandpa’s snoring talents, practicing my 3-point plays with the cabin’s wastebasket, throwing rocks in the stream, meeting my new friend Quoia (The Hyatt’s best employee), getting free swim lessons from dad, and splashing in every mud puddle that Nashville had to offer.

Tennessee did not disappoint! In fact, I will likely return once I’m ready to share my Twinkle Little Star with the world. Get ready to be part of my fan club!!

Reflections of Ebony & LASO Fiesta

If you’re ever looking for me on the weekends, you can probably find me on campus, hanging out with my college peeps! I especially like to attend the signature events hosted by the multicultural student organizations, where I can get my groove on and eat fancy-schmancy meals while never feeling more loved. Indeed, it requires little effort to win over hearts… chasing a balloon in a bow tie and suspenders is all it takes to build my fan club. And even though I couldn’t understand why “Aufrene” was talking to and dancing with another guy (her boyfriend), or why “Big Sonia” wasn’t eating at my table, or why Jamie sent me home with a balloon that popped, I still wouldn’t trade these moments for anything!