Ferguson Friday

To keep me from getting a case of the lonelies while Dad was away on his hunting trip, mom promised me a sleepover with Wyatt! We decided to enjoy the beautiful fall weather by making our annual trip to Ferguson’s Morningside Orchards. Apparently, Friday afternoon, immediately as school lets out, is the best time to visit if you want to enjoy the place all to yourself!

But it wasn’t just me and Wyatt running around… Mom invited Noah, too, so Genesee could have a sidekick. And Noah brought his parent, Carrie, so mom could have a friend. When everyone has a buddy, everybody wins!

We loved jumping in the new corn pit, mining for gold and other gems, and eating apple cider doughnuts. Mom got her obligatory caramel apple and I requested a take-home bag of freshly-picked apples. We covered every corner of that farm until Wyatt may or may not have tipped over a life-size cow sculpture. (If that actually happened, luckily no one was injured.) Upon returning home, mom made us a delicious spaghetti dinner to fuel us for the intense Nintendo Switch gaming night of Zelda that was about to ensue.

Eventually, mom said we had to go to sleep because it was a “sleep” over after all, and because I had to wake up early for my soccer game. We didn’t want the night to end, but we were excited to try out the never-been-used trundle bed, so mom invited Genesee to snuggle in her bedroom to let us have our boys-only slumber party. But, once the lights went out, Wyatt and I heard a noise and got scared out of the room! And there we were, begging the girls to rescue us by sleeping in the room with us. Genesee was happy to crash the party, but mom was not amused as she laid there on the bunk, guarding our room from monsters.

We survived the night, somehow, and all of our fears subsided when the aroma of bacon filled the morning air… the only way to successfully conclude a slumber party.