A Grand Old Time

Even the Omicron variant of COVID-19 couldn’t stop us from chasing piƱa coladas. So, on February 2, 2022, we masked up and reserved some last class seats on board a twinjet that was headed for humid breezes.

Given that this was my 5th return trip to the Moon Palace, I arrived on a first-name basis with Mexico, but it was a new and exciting experience to explore the resort with my main man, Colin!

We did ALL. OF. THE. THINGS. and we have the pictures to prove it:

We saw magic and sunrises, got pampered at the spa, swung on hammocks, caught footballs on land and water, conquered the wave rider, completed the ropes course (shaky knees and all), showed the arcade who was boss, encountered alligators and scorpions, made sweet pony friends, golfed 18 holes on a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, bowled our hearts out, splashed in a recently-opened waterpark, discovered new restaurants, accepted dad’s spicy food challenge, ordered room service to our swim up suite, embarked on a bicycle tour (and lived to tell the story of flipping over the handlebars), and soaked it all in from the comfort of our bubble bath… all while avoiding sunburn and testing negative on the COVID swab that determined whether we’d be allowed to return stateside.


Clearly, if you leave the Grand at Moon Palace without stories of a truly grand old time, you’re doing it wrong.