A hairy situation

Whoa! Who is that handsome fella?!IMG_9320

Oh, it’s me! That’s right; I experienced my first professional haircut today and I am looking GOOD!

It wasn’t easy though. I was kind of a wigglyworm-noseypants-sassafrass, but you would be too if you suspected a stranger was attempting to amputate your ears. Plus, I’ve been growing quite fond of my curly-do and it was a bit devastating to see some of my cuteness scattered on the floor beneath me. And if that’s not bad enough, I had the Paparazzi (Mom) all up in my not-in-the-mood face, trying to document every snip of the scissors.

I definitely made my stylist work for her money, but I hung in there ’til the end and even expressed my gratitude with a loving embrace for one final photo op.


Mom and Dad said it wasn’t one of my finer moments. They thought I was unnecessarily dramatic, and when I continued to cry long after leaving the salon, my parents wondered if something else was bothering me. So, instead of heading to our Happy Hour party to try out my new look, we made a detour and spent a not-so-happy-hour at the doctor’s office. As it turns out, my attitude didn’t need an adjustment. Instead, my ears needed one! Doc said I have a double ear infection.

We did eventually make it to the party. Needless to say, me and my haircut arrived fashionably late, and then me and my earache left painfully early.

IMG_9307So, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be snuggled up with my dad because I earned myself some extra sympathy points today. I didn’t sign up for an ear infection, but I’ll gladly take any free hugs coming my way! (Toys, ice cream and cash will be accepted too.)

Ready, Set, Camp!

Woohoo! It’s camping season again and this weekend’s trip to Hayward, WI was a good reminder of why the great outdoors are so great. I managed to squeeze in all sorts of fun! I visited a nursery, I played on the swing, I watched a movie, I went shopping in downtown Hayward, I walked along the beach, I enjoyed a root beer float, I read stories to my dad, and I entertained my grandparents with all of my goofiness. My favorite part of camping was pretend-mowing the lawn. Cutting grass that’s already cut provides me with a sense of accomplishment. I mean, if you wanna play hard, you gotta work hard. And I think everyone would agree that I definitely earned my playtime this weekend. In fact, I’m probably good for the rest of the summer.


Zombie Apocalypse


I bit someone at daycare yesterday. My inner zombie told me to do it. My mom found out and decided to keep me home from school today so we could talk about all the reasons why I’m not supposed to bite my friends/enemies. The talk was less than compelling and my attention span only got me through the first three words of her opening remarks, so I might attempt to be a repeat offender if the opportunity arises.

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with me; I’ll make you my next victim.

Happy Birthday, Dad & Grandma!

Dad’s birthday today + Grandma’s birthday last week = Birthday bash last night!! Happy birthday, loved ones! Thanks for giving our family a reason to indulge in cake. I raise my sippy cup in the air to you both, for being constant and incredible sources of love, wisdom and happiness in my life. Cheers to you, Dad and Grandma, and to many more birthday cakes to come!

Picking flowers

This past weekend we made our annual trip to the Amish greenhouses in Cashton, WI. Grandma Goodenough and Great Aunt Mary made us a delicious lunch, complete with homemade chicken salad sandwiches, pumpkin bars and my new favorite treat: potato chips! I got to play in the park with Ashlee and Cortney, I helped mom pick out the prettiest flowers, and I chatted with Grandma & Grandpa Goodenough between stops and naps. Celebrating Mother’s Day with flowers is a brilliant idea. This way, even when I come down with a case of the grumpies (as demonstrated during this field trip), our garden will be smiling all season long!

A mother’s love…

Today is the day I like to spend time with my good friend, Photoshop. This year, I decided to see what life would look like if I time-traveled back to 1975….


Oh, hey, Nana Florence! Fancy meeting you here. Mom and I were just talking about how much we missed you. I sure wish you could hang out with me in the year 2015. Mother’s Day is happening right now and Mom says it’s not the same without you. My parents always tell me how you would have showered me with love, which is quite the coincidence because I love water!

Even though we don’t get to snuggle and play kissy-face in real life, mom and I can feel you all around us. We look for you in the clouds, we listen for you in Spanish conversations, and we talk to you through each blooming flower. We follow every dragonfly, we order every tamale, and we never stop loving.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to you Nana Florence, and mom, and to every momma figure in my life, especially Grandma Goodenough, Aunt Julie, Aunt Helen Renee, Aunt Chelsee and so many more. How lucky I am to feel your love…whether that love is near or far, in spirit or in presence. Because a mother’s love is forever.

Someone’s getting old.

…Not me! It’s my not-so-spring-chicken mother. Last weekend we made a trip to UW-Platteville so mom could compete participate in an alumni soccer game. Dad and I sat in the stands and cheered, like the loyal soccer fans we are. And, let’s just say mom gave it a good try for a solid and respectable ten minutes before a pulled hamstring took her out of the game. Mom hung her head in defeat and limped off the field. “Someone’s getting old,” she concedes.

But, while Mom’s soccer glory days might be over, it was still worth the trip to swing by Gretchen & Koty’s farm, and to visit with a couple of mom’s favorite teammates, Kari and Gocool. I mean, who cares if the alumni game robbed mom of all her pride and dignity!? At least she got a free t-shirt and pizza to show for her efforts, plus a funny new approach to walking up/down our stairway.