How to turn 2-years-old

A week ago today, I successfully became a two-year-old. How did I do it, you ask? Well, turning two requires a 4 day celebration that begins on the eve of the much anticipated birthday. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Wear your favorite “Birthday Boy” shirt so everyone is extra nice to you. (This works better if your friends can read.)

2. Arrive at school, equipped with sugar to enhance the fun levels of your buddies cupcakes.

3. At day’s end, fall asleep in your bed as a one-year-old, and wake up in…. (video)

…a balloon party!

4. Head into La Crosse with mom to pick up the official birthday food: cake!

5. Return home to a surprise visit from one of your favorite aunties (Bethy)!

6. Go to bed as a brand new 2-year-old and wake up the next morning really excited….


…because it’s time to have some of your buddies over to show them how to party!

7. Minutes after your guests leave, fall asleep while your diaper is getting changed.

8. Wake up and demand more cake.

9. Get back to bed and prepare for birthday party #2…

… a celebration with family and more cake!

10. Declare yourself exhausted. I mean, awesome. I mean, an exhausted, awesome two-year-old.

And that’s how it’s done, folks. It’s not easy turning two-years-old, (unless you’re the two-year-old who doesn’t have to clean/plan/purchase/wrap/decorate/cook/host), but if you follow the above steps, you, too, can come of age like I did!

Week of the Young Child

April 10-16 was Week of the Young child.


So naturally, I was featured in my school’s music and art show!

At some point, I’ll probably launch my career as a solo artist, but for now, you’ll just find me in the background… (see video)

…being cheered on by my very own fan club!

Don’t worry if you missed it; I’ll be touring again next year.

Birthday Eve

Well, this is it folks… my final day as a one-year-old.


I’ve done everything that’s been asked of me. When people asked me to jump, I jumped. When people asked me to sing, I sang. When I was told to go fly a kite….

…I flew it high.

Heck, I even learned how to cover my mouth when coughing, I’ve mastered drinking out of a real cup, and I’ve found my independence. (It sounds a lot like, “No, Jaeger do!”)

I’ve worked hard at being a one-year-old. And while it was a year full of super-duperness, I can’t stay young forever. Because tomorrow I need to get busy turning two!


See you in the terrible territory…

Guess who’s going to be a BIG…

…terrible 2-year old this month!?! I know it’s April Fool’s Day, but I’m not foolin’ around. April is my birthday month!! Be excited.


Below are a few examples of new milestones I’ve worked hard to accomplish before I officially turn 2.

I can now say some 3-syllable words! My first big word was “basketball.” (video)

I can do somersaults! (video)

I am VERY good at scaring people. (video)

I can whistle like a train. (video)

I can catch the football. (video) Sometimes.

I can help wash the car! (video)

I can convince people to do almost anything my cute little face asks of them.
(Like when I got Dan to cover his face in stickers!)


Other notable almost-two-years-old skills include:

  • I’ve been sleeping with a pillow for a couple months now and we get along great!
  • I experienced my first kiss at school, from a girl named Zella. Can you blame her?!
  • I can search for train or tractor videos on YouTube all by myself.
  • I can count to 5 most days and up to 10 on a good day.
  • I get frightened by ladybugs and thunder.

Just wait and see what I’ll be able to do as an official two-year-old. I’m not sure why everyone says that being two is so terrible… I think it’s going to be great! (Except for those days that I might be terrible.)