Memorial Day Weekend 2016

On Memorial Day weekend, we traveled to Hayward for our first camping adventure of the year!

There were SO many highlights of that trip….

Highlight #1: Mom and Grandpa surprised us with a ride on the Spooner Pizza Train! LOVED. IT.

Highlight #2: Dad took us fishing and I won the contest!! (Caught approximately 15 fish!)

Highlight #3: I got to test-drive my new ride!

Highlight #4: We boated over to Treeland’s Resort to eat dinner and play at the park!

Highlight #5: I got to pet a “black sheep.”

Camping is so much fun! I got to open a gift every day (compliments of a Grandma who spoils me!), we ate delicious food, drank root beer floats, went on lots of walks, and even pretend-bought a new camper that I helped Dad pick out.

The only bummer was that we had some uninvited visitors: mosquitos. But, I’ll just point to all of my bug bites as proof that we were in Hayward, and a reminder of all the fun that was had!

School’s out for summer!

May 26, 2016 was my last day of school in Kim’s classroom. It would have been a sad day, but we took a field trip to Ranison’s Ice Cream & Candy Shop for their homemade ice cream, “a staple of the Coulee Region since 1933.” Ice cream makes everything better! Still, since the child care center closes during the summer months, I will surely miss my UWL teachers and friends… they were so good to me and I learned so much. But, no need to offer your condolences… I get to spend the summer at home, with Ashlee as my babysitter!! Not only is she my bestie, but she can also reach the ice cream in the freezer. Bring it on, summer vacation!

Fishing Debut

Dad’s birthday weekend continued with a visit to the lake; we decided to take the boat out for our first ride of the summer. The mission was all about fishin’ and I’m happy to announce that my fishing debut was a success! Every time I casted, I reeled in a yellow fish! Dad spent the winter giving me lessons in the basement; I guess all that practicing paid off.  Who’s ready for yummy fish dinners?!

Go take a hike!

For Dad’s birthday weekend, we decided to hike Brady’s Bluff at Perrot State Park, where mom and dad got engaged! It was the first time they returned to that magical spot since Dad popped the question 12 years ago. (Thank goodness mom answered the question correctly.)

The weather was perfect… I didn’t sweat at all! It probably helped that I got to ride on dad’s back the whole time, but it’s still hard work to sit there and look cute. Plus, some spots were pretty scary. As we walked along a cliff, I took on the responsibility of telling dad “careful” and “owie, owie, owwie.”

Luckily, we lived to enjoy lunch on one of the park benches… Subway sandwiches and Doritos! Yummers!! If Doritos are at the end of every hike, let’s go again tomorrow!

Dad’s Birthday

On May 21, my dad celebrated another birthday. As legend has it, he once was little like me. It’s kinda hard to believe, especially as I attempt to give him a wagon ride.


And even though we often wish time could slow down, it keeps passing us by. Still, we do what we can to pause, light the celebratory candles, and continue wishing anyway.

William & Hope turn 6!

William and Hope turned 6 at the Children’s Museum of La Crosse! I felt grateful to be invited to their birthday party, especially since they’ll be in South Korea for their next birthday celebration.

My favorite part was playing in the fire truck! I was so excited to hop in the driver’s seat that I somewhat miscalculated and ended up on my head. Luckily, my second attempt was successful, and by the end of the day, the only body parts that hurt were my cheeks… from smiling too much!

Happy Birthday, William & Hopey!!

May Fourteenth

Today was a day for smiles and frownies.

Smiles because it was Grandma Goodenough’s birthday! (Happy, happy birthday, Grandma!)


But frownies because today also marks 2 years of missing my brother Drakey. (Rest in peace and pancakes, buddy.)

So tonight I’ll shed a tear and give a cheer for all that this day, May 14th, stands for.

Wedding Bliss

Just when you think your mom can’t get any cooler, you discover she has a super-power that enables her to marry people!

That’s right… Carrie and Matt got married… by my mom!

And just when you think Carrie and Matt can’t get any cooler, you discover the deliciously-yummy cupcakes they provided to all wedding guests! (Best decision ever, Carrie and Matt! Besides the decision to marry each other, of course.)

It was such a special day: Love was in the air, Aunt Nessa was in attendance (all the way from Romania), and the aforementioned cupcakes were in my belly. Plus, I was unofficially hired to be the welcoming committee at dinner, so I ran around the reception hall, giving away free smiles. With some help from Sonia, you might say I was also responsible for getting the party started on the dance floor.

So, if anyone is in need of a wedding officiant, greeter and party-starter, just contact my Dad booking agent to inquire about a package deal. If we are out of your price range, I can consult with mom to see if some kind of cupcake-payment plan can be worked out.

Congratulations, Carrie and Matt! Cheers to many, many years of joy and gratitude!!