America, the Beautiful

Because 2020 has been an ugly year in too many ways, we decided to break out of quarantine and go in search of some beauty.

3,820 miles, 1,344 pictures, 9 days, 6 states, and 5 national parks later, we found it!

We traveled across the country in style and socially-distant fashion with our Melbourne Memory-Making Moblie. In the end, we visited Canyonlands, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Zion National Parks… Not only did we find how beautiful America can be, but we also discovered more of ourselves. The peaks helped us to see farther while the valleys pushed us to look deeper. We let go of heavy burdens and gained new perspective. We felt small, but so connected. We walked cautiously along earth’s rim while living on the edge. And even though we were new to the off-beaten paths, we never felt lost. Some of the credit goes to Dad, of course, who is talented with a map, GPS, hiking boots, and a 24-foot RV. But most of the credit belongs to the National Park System, for preserving the wonderment of nature’s amazing creations and for inspiring a greater wanderlust within my soul.

So, to the remaining 418 national parks in the United States: I’m coming for you!