Christmas Tree? Check!

It was close to 50 degrees with no snow on the ground, but despite the “miserable” weather conditions, we still managed to find the perfect Christmas Tree! I was so excited to decorate it until Mom banned me from touching all glass ornaments. That’s rude. So I decided that she’s not allowed to play with the train that Dad and I assembled under the tree. And that’s how you perform the holiday spirit, folks!

Thanksgiving 2016

Last year, on Thanksgiving, Dad hunted for our holiday meal in the canyons of Arizona, while Mom and I visited Aunt Nay Nay and family. This year, we stayed close to home, where dad was able to put food on the table by hunting in our backyard. The bacon-wrapped venison steaks were enjoyed by all, except for Mom and Grandma who decided to be vegetarians that day.

But besides delicious food and phenomenal family near and far, this year, there is so much to be thankful for: the genius who invented the iPhone YouTube app, Paw Patrol episodes on TV, nightlights to make the dark less scary dark, chapstick for my always-chapped-lips, the perfectly-placed couch that I use as a gymnastics springboard to launch myself onto the nearby bean bag, band-aids and ice packs, Zinger snack cakes and Lucky Charms cereal marshmallows, anything mom is drinking, dance parties in the living room, a scooter to transport me across the house at record speeds, band-aids and ice packs, and quality train time with dad.

Well Child Visit: 30 months

Well, well, well…. guess who went to his 30-month Well Child Visit and was declared “Well”?!

This guy:


Actually, I’m better than “well.” I’m remarkable! Check out these stats:

  • Weight = 31 lbs and 12 oz. (70th percentile)
  • Height/Length = 39 inches (97th percentile)
  • Head Circumference = 48.3 cm (26th percentile)



Pay no attention to my small head. Nobody’s perfect. But do notice “those killer eyelashes,” as Doc always points out. And, it’s also worth mentioning that I took my flu shot like a champ! No screams or tears or fist fights.

So basically, I’m “well” beyond incredible and “well” on my way to amazing. Keep up with me if you can!