Slumber Party!

Since most pools are closed this summer due to COVID-19, Genesee & I decided to meet up with the Martinez family at Lake Wazee for some fun in the sun, a butterfly exhibit, a baby skunk show-and-tell, and, of course, waterfront shenanigans.

And because I’m a sweet talker, we added another passenger for our ride home when I convinced mom to let Amaya spend the night. It was my first slumber party and it was a success!

Sleepovers are the absolute best, except for that unfortunate part when we all fall asleep. But, I’d do it all again if it means I get to wake up next to one of my favorite friends!

Return to Hayward

On a whim, we decided to pull the boat and camper to Hayward for a weekend getaway! But first, we had other things to pull…. like my wiggly front tooth!

Once me and my toothless smile arrived in Hayward, we maximized our time by fishing, boating, and taking sunset strolls along the beach.

I love how life slows down a little bit in Hayward. Here’s to hoping the time goes quickly in between this visit and the next!