The return of my college buddies!

It’s so great to see my college friends back on campus!!

IMG_3575Mom says I’m lucky to get a sneak peek behind the scenes of ATP Development Week and to have the opportunity to hang out with such incredible change agents. She says if the world is a better place when I’m old enough to pay attention, it’s because of people like them. So, thanks friends, for working so tirelessly over the past several days. I can’t wait to see my first ATP show this Monday to hear your stories, admire your vulnerability, celebrate your courage, and witness the positive impact you’ll have on UW-L and beyond!!

Daycare update


I’m starting to get the hang of daycare. In fact, I’m pretty good at it! Look how much fun I’m having in the above photo. My teachers tell mom that I’m the easiest baby in the whole wide world. The other day, all of the booger faces within the room were having a meltdown in unison except for me. I didn’t know what we were supposed to be crying about, so I just sat there, cool as a cucumber. But don’t take my milk away from me… there’s nothing cool about that.

Watch out, solid foods! Here I come.

I had my first solid food lesson with green beans and was a bit underwhelmed. Mom says I might like green beans better if I can get them in my mouth instead of on my cheeks. I say I might like green beans better if they’re ice cream. Duh! Someone needs to tell mom how to throw a better solid food party.

photo (2)


Challenging social norms

Look at me in my pink shirt, pushing back against the “pink-is-for-girls” phenomenon. Who made that silly rule anyway? Mom had to find this shirt in the “girls” section, and I proudly wore it to school today. Because me and my shirt had a statement to make: “I love [heart] mom!” (Oh yeah, and also “pink can be for anyone.”) Take that, societal gender roles! I’m making my own rules.

photo (1)

Getting my hike on

Tonight I took dad out for a spin in my new ride! Mom wouldn’t let us go too fast because she’s not exactly what you might call a “thrill seeker.” Still, we had fun anyway, despite my safety-first mom walking alongside us like we needed a spotter or something. Given how this adventure went, I’m pretty sure mom is going to make me wear a bubble-wrap suit when I tackle my first bike lesson.

Celebrating Sonia

This past weekend I helped mom and dad throw a Welcome-to-the-world shower for cousin Sonia. Even though I’m typically the life of the party, I gladly stepped aside for our little guest of honor. (Although I did try to steal some of the attention while she was sleeping. Tee hee hee.) Everybody showered her with hugs and smiles. Sonia is definitely loved! I mean, you know you’ve made it big when your name appears on a cake. Unfortunately, a bunch of attendees destroyed that evidence, but we all still know Sonia is a beautiful bundle of perfection. Congratulations Uncle Nizam & Aunt Mahruq!

4 months!

Look who’s 4 months old now… this guy! DSC08246

Some researchers believe this is the month that I’ll learn new tricks like grabbing, reaching and rolling over. I say, “been there, done that!” Click the video below to see some other milestones I’m proud of.

Ready for steak dinners!

Look what we found in my mouth… teeth! (Thanks for the discovery, Patty Bero!) On average, a baby usually gets his first tooth around 7 months, so I guess I’m above average or a genius or something?! I can’t wait to try these chompers out. Momma was pretty excited for me too… until she realized I might accidentally practice on her before I graduate to my steak dinners. Watch out!