You should see the other guy!

I got beat up at daycare. I was just sitting nicely, waiting for my lunch to be prepared when one of my classmates decided to come over and scratch my face. Ouch! Then, I tackled him to the ground and taught him a lesson. Just kidding…. violence is not the answer. Instead, I cried for a minute, returned to smiles, and then chowed down my lunch. ‘Cause I’m tough like that. And hungry. I’m not going to let a little scratch sour my sweet potatoes!


Halloween was sweet… literally! I got lots of candy. All I had to do was roam around UW-L’s residence halls and smile at the college students. Mom knocked on the doors and yelled “trick or treat” and then I pretended to be Scooby Doo. Then, when the students opened the door, they would hold out a bowl full of candy. After they got done adoring me, they would encourage me to take one piece of candy. But since I don’t know how to count and because I’m still learning how to move my fingers, I would often times grab a handful of candy. Score!

6 months!

I turned 6 months old today! Yahooo! At just halfway through my first year of life, I am living large. These days…

  • I like to bite my mom’s face when I get excited.
  • I’m getting close to learning how to crawl, but my best attempts cause me to go backwards.
  • I love to grab my toes and I’m learning how to intentionally move each finger.
  • Mom and I chit-chat a lot on the ride home, usually trying to solve the world’s problems.
  • I’m making friends at daycare… mostly with the teachers. They can’t get enough of me!
  • I’m constantly loved.

Dear Fun: I’ve missed you!

Dear Fun:

It was so nice to see you this weekend. It’s been a while since we’ve hung out. Things have been so hectic for mom and dad lately; I’ve missed you! Please tell work to leave my parents alone. Life is much better when you’re around.

Jae Jae