Oh, Christmas Tree…

I love this time of year! Yesterday we went to a Christmas Tree farm, where I enjoyed a free sleigh ride, compliments of my reindeer cousins. It seems like such a magical time of year… even though it was cold outside, I felt so warm on the inside. (Does anyone else feel that way, or did I have an accident in my snowsuit?!)

We searched high and low, looking for the perfect tree to bring home. Once we found it, I supervised Dad and Grandpa while they planted it in our living room. Then we spent the rest of the evening making it look fancy-schmancy!

Here’s the best part though: This morning, as I went to check on our Christmas tree, I saw real reindeer out the window (not my cousins)! I couldn’t believe it… Christmas really is magical!!

The first Thanksgiving

My first Thanksgiving was a feast to remember (even though I was only allowed to try the applesauce). Grandma & Grandpa Goodenough hosted us and it was DE-licious! Some of my favorite moments were giving Aunt Mary a high five, eating solving puzzles with Cortney & Aunt Ellen, taking a snooze with Aunt Julie, playing peek-a-boo with Ashlee & Cortney, and getting in some quality time on Grandpa Goodenough’s lap. Holidays are all about loved ones, and although I missed my family and friends who had to spend the day elsewhere, I still felt their love. There is much to be thankful for!

Parent-Teacher Conference

My first parent-teacher conference was a success! Today we learned that I’m not flunking daycare. In fact, the teachers said I am their favorite kiddo and by far the smartest and cutest they’ve ever seen in all of the land. (Well, that’s how my mom translated the teacher’s comment of “We really enjoy having Jaeger here!”) For real though, I excel in all of my subjects, particularly art class! Check out my masterpiece below!

FullSizeRender (1)

My First Gun Deer Season!

It’s officially gun deer season, which means dad spent the entire weekend in the woods, while the smart ones (me and mom) stayed in the house where there was heat, TV, and modern plumbing. Dad told us to look out the windows once in a while in case the deer ended up in our yard. But mom says we live in a no-kill zone, so we told dad that we only saw squirrels. (Tee hee hee.)

I’m not sure what to think about this “hunting” tradition… it seems like it’s just a good excuse to eat and drink a lot. But then again, if that’s the case, count me in!  I liked hanging out at the hunting cabin…there was an endless supply of comfort food, it was warm and toasty, everyone was happy, and some people even wore cute matching orange outfits. Maybe I will be a hunter after all!?!

Life is good!

My dad returned home from Montana! I missed him so much that I tackled him when he walked in the door, and then I pinned him to the ground with hugs and kisses! Too bad Mom had to leave for Chicago a few days later… I think they’re just trying to take advantage of my Miss-You-Then-I-Kiss-You policy.


I’ve been quite busy over the last couple weeks…
I got up on stage to make my debut at the ATP Open Mic Night!

Then I attended the IOPA social and got to hang with some of my favorite peeps!


However, in the midst of all this fun, I’ve forgotten how to lay on my back like a good little boy during diaper changes. Oops!


But, while I regress in some areas, I make progress in others. Check out my new dance skills in the video below… I can do the worm!

 I also got introduced to bubble gum and that stuff is FUN-ny!

Hunting will get you demoted

The house feels a little empty right now because Dad’s not here. He traveled all the way to Montana in an attempt to put meat on our table this winter. (“A trip to the grocery store would have been quicker and cheaper, ” says mom with an eye roll, but I know Dad likes his adventures.)


 Oh no! He forgot to take his little hunting buddy along.
(See my concerned face below.)


Well, there’s one good thing about being left behind… I’ve moved into the master bedroom with mom! Dad thinks I’m just keeping his spot warm until he returns, so he’ll probably be a little shocked to find that all of his belongings have been transferred to my nursery. You snooze, you lose!


Bring more than meat back, Dad! You’re going to need a pillow or something because my crib is not this comfortable!