The big six

Because this was my first birthday without Papa, I didn’t realize how much I would miss those Wal-mart gift cards he would send me every year.

But my sixth birthday was still a happy one because my village made sure to shower me with gifts, and love, and cupcakes.

In fact, turning six was quite the ride…

…literally! And being surrounded by family, eating a Pizza Corral supper, and playing with toys didn’t just bring me joy; I also felt a sense of normalcy. It was almost everything I needed…

…Still, I’d trade it all for one of Papa’s gift cards if it meant he could be here with me to celebrate.

The great mask debate

Remember that cute message about how the societal response to the COVID-19 pandemic was an incredible act of global solidarity? …Where we all followed the CDC guidelines and did everything we could to take care of each other, especially the most vulnerable loved ones among us?

Well, that didn’t last long.

Masks have now been added to the long list of non-political political issues that divide our non-United States, so, this should be interesting…

Easter 2020

Somehow, even amidst a year that had quickly become abnormal, lonely, and darker, and despite the fact that we were sleeping in a camper on the edge of Papa’s Mukwonago driveway, the Easter Bunny still arrived. Thank goodness!! I think we all needed some bubbles and sidewalk chalk in our lives right at that moment.

Coloring Easter eggs with my aunties brightened the mood as well! But to top it all off, I decided to lose a tooth to also test the Tooth Fairy’s locating skills. Because it probably wouldn’t hurt to discover a nice monetary tip next to my Easter basket, am I right? Who says money can’t buy happiness?

The aftermath

In the aftermath of losing Papa, I had to take on new responsibilities, like…

1. Loving on Papa’s pups and teaching Genesee how to cultivate her inner fur momma

2. Getting my (golf cart) driver’s license so I can help make trips to the dumpster

3) Learning how to research real estate on Zillow (thanks, Aunt Nay Nay!)

4) Getting cars ready to sell by being a cute photo bomber in the advertising fliers (Mustang for sale; Little dude not included)

5) And, of course, watching for signs of visits from Papa and Nana Florence, like when these two geese visited Papa’s front yard!

Missing Papa is a big job, but I think he’d be proud of my work ethic.