Too cool for school?

….Not me! Now that I’ve settled into my new school, it’s safe to report that I love my classroom, all of my teachers, and my little partners-in-crime. I spend most of my days impressing Kim (my main teacher) with my gross motor skills by pedaling the tricycle, kicking the soccer ball, throwing the football and running really fast. When I’m not busy showing off, I hang out with my old pals, Abe & Sonia, and my new pal, Huddy! We get into trouble at the gym, we bond at the teddy bear picnics, and we make new observations as we cruise around campus. I live for those buggy rides! And guess what?! During last Friday’s loop around campus, I saw Mom while she was having lunch with a friend working hard.

Parent-teacher conferences are in the next couple weeks where, besides reviewing my awesomeness, it might be revealed that I haven’t mastered the art of sharing yet. (In fact, sometimes when I greet my little buddies in the morning, I say “No!” and “Mine” before I can squeeze out a friendly “hello.”) Speaking of art, there’s no need to dwell on my weaknesses when I have strengths to showcase. That’s right… next month I’ll be participating in the annual art and music show at school! If my mom talent manager is able to attend, we’ll try to capture photos and we can also make arrangements for autographs at a later date.

The light at the end of the tunnel…

… is a train!!!

There’s nothing I like better than trains! I go to sleep and wake up saying “Eee-eee, woo-woo.” (Translation: train whistle sound effects) So, last weekend we decided to check out La Crosse’s train show. It was the BEST.DAY.EVER. I may or may not have cried a little bit when I was forced to leave.

But, the tears dried up once we headed to West Salem’s camper show! We got free popcorn, hot dogs and soda!! Oh, and we looked at campers, too. I can’t wait for camping season to commence.

I picked out a new fifth wheel travel trailer that my parents forgot to purchase.  I’ll have to remind them once we win the lottery. In the meantime, I’ll keep dreaming…

Reconnecting with Papa

I love my Papa Florence, or “Papa-No-No” as I like to call him. I use the TV remote control to call him almost every day, but it’s much more fun to connect with Papa in person.

During our last visit to Mukwonago, we went to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sports Show and enjoyed a lumberjack competition, watched Labrador retrievers jump into a pool of water, and pretended to buy a couple ATVs.

And just to make a great weekend even better, we purchased and ate some delicious tamales before it was time to head back home to continue my conversations with Papa through the remote control… until I’m rudely interrupted by one of Mom’s TV shows.