Valentine’s Day: I woke up like this

Apparently I have a secret admirer… I woke up with kisses all over my face! Whoa… Happy Valentine’s Day to me, I guess. Since romance is in the air today, allow me to pay tribute to the love of my life through poetry:

I love how you melt in my hands
when I squeeze you tight.
If craving you is wrong,
I don’t want to be right.
My mom really likes you
And that’s important to me,
Because life without you
Would not be happy.
You show me a sweetness
I cannot resist
Because of you, chocolate,
I know true love does exist.

Affectionately yours,
Jaeger (Your not-so-secret admirer)



Until next time…

Well, Mexico, it’s been fun, but our time together has come to an end. I truly enjoyed getting to know you and all that you had to offer. I appreciated hearing the Spanish language all around me, and watching coconuts fall from trees instead of snow. I will miss being barefoot and having my face kissed by the sun in February. I’ll dream about your fluffier clouds and I’ll try to devise a plan to convert my crib into one of your relaxing hammocks. Gosh, I wish you lived closer to us! Let’s try to keep in touch, okay? In the meantime, I promise to grow more teeth so I can indulge in all of your food platters when we meet again. Until next time, adios!

Best Friends Forever,

A trip down wedding-memory lane

Mom and Dad took me to the magical place where they became united in marriage. It was just over ten years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Oh wait, I wasn’t there; I didn’t make the invite list. But anyway, it was fun to celebrate their 10 year anniversary in the same gazebo that provided structure for all of the beautiful memories. Mom says a lot can change in a decade, particularly the loss of loved ones that were here in 2004, but even time cannot steal life’s best, most cherished moments. And so we continue to make memories that will survive us too, because that is how we all live on…. in the hearts and thoughts of each other.

Just call me Nemo

Wow! This place has awesome bathtubs. They’re big, blue and surrounded by beautiful palm trees. They are heated by the Mexican sun and they ripple from the ocean breeze. These waters dance, and sparkle, and never disappoint. I could live in the waves and refreshment, just like a fishy. In fact, if you take me out too soon, I’ll bring out my grumpy face that I learned on the plane from Miss Meany-pants.


First Flight Seat Upgrade

My first flight was a success! As it turns out, I’m just as good in the air as I am on land. And that’s not because I was sleeping the whole time, even though I was given strict orders to do just that. Instead, I took a 30 minute cat nap and then provided entertainment for the flight crew and passengers. All of them loved me and even nominated me for the best-baby-in-an-airplane award, except for one person… Miss Meany-pants. She was the grumpiest lady ever. She was not a fan of babies. She was my parents’ worst fear come true. And she was assigned to the seat just left of me and mom. Here’s how our friendship started:

We walked on the plane and looked down the aisle for our seats. When we discovered 9B and 9C, we made eye contact with the lady in 9A. I greeted her with my bestest, biggest smile, and in return, she rolled her eyes and said “Just shoot me.” She then proceeded to ask my mom why anyone would take their kid to Cancun. Several lovely comments later, Miss Meany-pants said she was going to move to an empty seat in a different row….

And that’s how you score yourself a seat upgrade, folks! Thanks to me, I got our family a row all to ourselves. Mom says haters are gonna hate, but since I’m made of love, I should just keep smiling on… in my free seat.


Top 10 reasons why I might have to start paying rent:

10.   I don’t put my toys away.
9.    Mom says the fireplace isn’t as enjoyable/relaxing since I’ve been around.
8.    I consistently exceed my quota for dirty laundry.
7.    Mom sometimes misses the glass that is hidden beneath all my fingerprints.
6.    I bring home lots of germs from daycare…
6b.   and I don’t cover my mouth when I cough or sneeze…
6c.   so my parents get to fully participate in all of my illnesses.
5.    I don’t talk about my feelings and I’m also not so good at letting go of things (literally and figuratively).
4.    What part of “no” don’t I understand? All of it.
3.    I prefer to crumple mom’s office papers instead of playing with my cool train.
2.    I practice defiance by converting my changing table into a gymnastics mat.
1.    Mom’s shoe shopping has been interrupted by Jaeger-always-needs-a-cute-outfit shopping.

But don’t worry…since we’re making lists, I’ve got many contributions, talents and skills that can be used for negotiations:

1.    I sit patiently when mom cuts my fingernails.
2.    Sometimes I help unload the dishwasher!
3.    No matter how bad the day goes, I never forget how to clap it out and do a happy dance.
4.    I can eat my socks.
5.    I’m really cute.
6.    Shoot….
7.    That’s all I got.
8.    Did I mention that I’m cute?
9.    Yikes….
10.   I better start working on this list!