The Big Reveal!

By now, many of you know that I’ll be getting a promotion!
(I found out on my birthday!)


Or, perhaps you might say that I’m getting evicted.
(It depends on whether you see the sippy cup half empty or half full.)

But, do you know if my sidekick will be a sister or a brother?
My fate was determined by a balloon and the big reveal was captured on video,
so if you’ve come here for the sex, click below!

Stay tuned for sibling shenanigans, coming this August!

A week of firsts!

This past week, I experienced several “firsts…”

I went on my first boys-only fishing trip with Dad and Grandpa! We had to leave really early, but I was so excited that I woke up at 5:00 a.m., before Dad’s alarm had a chance to ring.

Then, Dad decided to remove the front of my crib so I could sleep in a big-boy-bed for the first time ever. I was so thrilled to experience freedom and independence. In fact, I decided to practice my newfound freedom by escaping from my bed in the middle of the night…

…and sneaking right into my parents’ bed. It was perfect; I felt so independent as I snuggled myself safely between mom and dad!!


Finally, I went to my first big-screen movie (Cars 3) at the Sparta Cinema 6 Movie Theatre! It was the 3-D version so I was provided a super cool pair of sunglasses (that I grew tired of wearing about 30 minutes into the movie). Luckily, there was no getting tired of the popcorn, root beer, Skittles and Reese’s pieces! And just to treasure the experience even more, mom and dad bought me a couple Cars 3 characters to play with (and sleep with and never part with) at home.

I will always remember my firsts!

Dairy Breakfast – Take 2

While June is still happening, we decided to hit up another Dairy Breakfast! This one took place last weekend in Trempealeau County and featured a live band, batter-fried cheese curds, and a tractor display! I think I might be a little sad once July comes around… and a little chunkier! (Unapologetically chunkier.)


June is….

… Dairy Month! And Dairy Month means Dairy Breakfasts on the local farms!!

Afterward, we stopped in Viroqua to check out the local shops and then visited Connie (who just retired from UWL).

If summerofthevacation means a belly full of cheese curds and pancakes, a new bike helmet, sunny days, and several fresh-garden-picked strawberries, then we should probably consider canceling the rest of the year because it doesn’t get better than this!

It’s a wrap!

I did it! I graduated from the 2/3 year-old room at the Campus Child Center! Do you know what that means (besides that I’m probably brilliant)? It’s officially “SUMMEROFTHEVACATION!”

This year, I have no diapers to hold me back, so I’m about to show summer who’s boss! But, I will miss seeing all my campus buddies on the regular. Luckily, I made lots of memories before the school year was all said and done: