Monday Funday

What’s not to like about Mondays?! I love starting off my week with YMCA Mondays! Not only do I have fun, but these classes have also been instrumental in the development of my socialization skills… with my mom. because I won’t let her leave. my side. ever. not even for a minute.

This week we played with shaving cream, painted firework-themed posters, threw bean bags in the gym, and ate strawberries with 4th of July rice krispie treats!

But the best part about YMCA Mondays is when we head down to Riverside Park for lunch once Tot Time concludes. Today, after devouring my Taco Bell Cheesy Roll-up, I took myself on an 85-minute tour of the entire park. Mom could hardly keep up!

I thought I was pretty cool until we got in the car and it was me who couldn’t keep up. I fell asleep in mid-chew of my Mickey Mouse veggie chip snack, before we even left downtown La Crosse. Not a big deal, you might think. Until you learn that your mom didn’t stop at Rudy’s Drive-In during their 99¢ Root Beer Float sale because someone was a big sleepy head. Talk about a missed opportunity! I can now sympathize with those who dislike Mondays. After all, root beer stands are for driving in, not driving by.


Moms know best

This morning I was goofing around and almost ran right into the couch! That’s when mom intervened with life-saving advice: “look up when you’re running around!”


Uh… okay?! I’m not really sure how this helps, but I guess moms know best!

Jellystone 2016

Last weekend we camped at Jellystone, where we met up with Great Aunt Mary, Great Uncle Peter, Jill, Jeff, and my buddies Sydney, Mackenzie and Zach! As usual, Jellystone didn’t disappoint. My days were filled with outdoor movies, dance parties, glow parades, root beer floats, and butterfly stories.

My favorite part was hanging out with Zach because he brought a bunch of toys for us to play with! Everything from baseballs, to bug collector kits, to bouncy balls and books… he was well prepared!!

This year, I also became a fan of the “big” water slide. It was so much fun, I convinced almost everyone to ride down with me, even mom!  And when I wasn’t in the pool area, I was out exploring the park on my bike. But although I’m pretty fast on 2-ish wheels, it took a while to make my way around because Jellystone has lots of traffic; every time we would meet a car or golf cart or bike, I felt compelled to yell “Wait a minute!” and pull over to the side of the road until they passed. Safety first!

Life is good at Jellystone! I had such a blast and was a happy little camper all weekend long. I even have a “triangle” shirt to prove it. (Thanks, Mary and Peter!)


The potty train

You know how much I like trains, right? Well, have you heard about the potty train? The other week, Grandma, Ashlee and Cortney came up with a brilliant idea to help me use the potty (because apparently it’s not cool to live in diapers forever). They designed a poster with train tracks, and if I use the potty, they said I would earn Thomas the Train stickers.

Do you think such a strategy worked? Scroll down to find out….










Of course it did! I’m not one to turn down any trains! Now, let’s just hope I can “stay on track.”

YMCA Tot Time!

While school’s out for the summer, I’ll be attending the YMCA Tot Time to help maintain my social life. Last Monday was my first time attending, and I had a blast (so long as my mom was within a 5 foot radius). We sang songs, participated in arts and crafts, threw balls, and floated through the gym on scooters before eating a snack and ending the day with a dance party. Of course I had to hit my head on the ground before it was all said and done, but I only cried for a little bit and I can’t remember if I experienced any memory loss.

Visiting Papa No-No Florence

Last weekend, we went to visit Papa No-No.

Dad was up north at a bachelor party for his high school friend, Travis, so Mom and I decided to plan our own fun. We got to visit Donna and meet Kai – her puppy, explore Jessie’s new home-sweet-home, devour delicious pizza with Papa, and scream “Weeeee” on the golf cart.

But my favorite part? Our trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo, of course! Forget the lions and tigers and bears… when I saw the penguins, I yelled, “Happy Feet!!!” We also attended a sea lion show, took a ride on the train, and played at the park. Before we left, mom thought I would enjoy feeding the goats, but I was a big scaredy-cat let her do it because moms should have some fun too.

I had so much fun, I fell asleep before we even left the parking lot. That was unfortunate because our next stop was Red Robin, where Papa and Mom enjoyed gourmet burgers and bottomless fries while I snored away at the table. No fair. You snooze, you lose (literally). Oh well. But for this rare moment when I couldn’t hang with the open-eyed gang, I spent the entire weekend winning.

Thanks for the super-duper weekend, Papa, Donna and Jessie!!

Mom left me

At the beginning of June, mom traveled to San Francisco for a work conference. Even though she FaceTimed me every day, I still missed her an awful lot. In fact, during her first night away, I decided to wake up in the middle of the night and cry for her.

While she was gone, I also decided to drop a big, heavy can of pineapples on my toe. Ouch! I don’t think we’ll have to amputate it, but I may lose my nail. It’s a good thing I’m tough!

My mom did eventually return from California, however, I haven’t quite returned back to normal. I still wake up most nights and cry for her. Mom says it’s nice to be loved and missed, but she’d prefer that I love and miss her outside the hours of 12:00 a.m. through 6:00 a.m.