Memorial Day Weekend 2017

I was so excited for our first camping adventure of the season that I decided to try out the bed before we even left the driveway!


Yep, it works!

Luckily, the bed passed inspection, so I told Dad to set the GPS for Hayward, and away we went! 3 hours later, we had arrived at my happy place…. just in time to set up camp for the night and sneak in a late supper. I jumped and jumped and jumped for joy! The only problem was when you play hard, you sleep hard…



But, the rest of the weekend was no accident. I went fishing, relaxed by the mosquito-free campfire, roasted S’mores, watched fireworks, cruised the Flowage, stopped for the obligatory ice cream cone, played at a park, tried out new tricks on my bike, ate our freshly-caught fish, and fell asleep to gentle rain showers and thunderstorms! I had so much fun that I probably don’t need to go camping again anytime soon…. said nobody ever!! See you next time, Hayward, WI!!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

On May 21st, my Dad turned 93 years old, as you can see from the below picture:


Just kidding! He’s only a young, hip 39-year-old. Fooled ya, didn’t I?!


To celebrate, we treated Dad to gifts, birthday cake, and a trip to Manny’s Mexican Cocina for non-alcoholic margarita drinks, Mahi Mahi fish tacos, and fried ice cream. It. Was. Good. Cheers to being 39 and not 93, Dad!