The T&T Wedding

I love a good wedding. But Thad & Tommy? …They don’t mess around. I have never been to a more beautiful, delicious, extravagant, and just all-around magical wedding! Whoa.

Of course, you don’t need bells and whistles to impress me (although the bells and whistles were quite impressive)… it’s just fun to be a kid on the dance floor! And let me tell you… there are definite perks to being the ONLY kid at the wedding. Even better, those perks exponentially increase when you’re a well-behaved kid with a bowtie and killer dance moves. People couldn’t get enough of me, and they were equally impressed with baby Genesee’s calm, happy demeanor and her glittery-gold GoGo pants. I mean, friends and family came from near and far to commemorate Thad & Tommy’s happily-ever-after, but it was me & G who stole the show. (Okay, well, maybe the beautiful drag queen was the real show. Or perhaps the famous rapper, Biz Markie, was the main hit. And actually, Thad & Tommy did receive a lot of the much-deserved attention. But seriously, we were a close fourth.)

Nevertheless, beyond the fun I enjoyed and the fan club I inherited, we were there in celebration of something bigger… To steal words from one of Thad’s friends, “This [wedding] was about the triumph of love. Two spectacular humans stood together and vowed to intertwine their lives forever; we are just lucky enough to be given seats in their cheering section.”


Congratulations to my cousin Thad and his husband Tommy! And thanks for organizing a weekend that afforded me an opportunity to witness social progress, feel the power of love, spend quality time with Papa and his furry family, mingle with my extended family (especially Tasha!), reunite with my Aunt Nay Nay and Helen and Renee (whom I recently discovered are all the same person), and then eventually return home to my dearly-missed dad who was waiting with a big bear hug and his freshly cut Elk meat.

My heart is full!


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