Goodbye, Children’s Treehouse

Somebody was not particularly happy about her last day of pre-pre-school. Our family has invested a lot of time (and money) into childcare at Children’s Treehouse over the years and has been incredibly grateful for their services, but since Genesee will start 4k in the fall, my parents decided that my sister deserved a summer vacation, too. But when Genesee learned that she won’t get to see her BFFs Arlo and Chloe on a daily basis, she was less than impressed.

Still, the photoshoot must go on…

Ashlee Graduates

All good things must come to an end. Like high school. And having Ashlee babysit us every summer.

I’m not crying; you’re crying.

Despite the tears, I’m proud of you, Ash! We’re all excited to watch you spread your wings and fly (like an eagle)!

Moving on up (to Second Grade)

I did it! I graduated first grade like a boss! My teacher, Mrs. Ramsey, said I “blew the first grade benchmarks for reading and math out of the water!” According to her, my word accuracy and comprehension skills were very solid, I was an expressive & fluent reader, I used class time constructively, and I always got right to work.

More importantly, Mrs. Ramsey always trusted me to run errands and to work with my classmates who needed help. She said, “I know he will be patient and kind.”

And also notable was when she signed my final report card with “Keep shooting hoops! NBA all the way!” because she knows I’m a baller!

I loved having Mrs. Ramsey for my main teacher, being supported by Mrs. Nicole in our classroom, and also knowing that my Aunt Julie was teaching right next door! I enjoyed Share Days when I would often showcase my blog, but especially when I got to teach my class about the Tuskegee Airmen by bragging about my Great Great Uncle Alfred Gorham. And, I became good friends with Danny, Wyatt, Ashlyn, and Austin, among many other new buddies.

Now, I’ll be moving on up to second grade. But first, summer vacation!


My first soccer season is in the books! As it turns out, not only do I look good in shin guards and cleats, but I was also named “most coachable” and “most valuable player.” And even though it’s less about the awards and recognition and more about the post-game treats, it’s affirming to know that my listening skills and hustling spirit can set a good foundation for my future soccer career.

Thanks for a great season, coach Katie!

Big Sky Country

On April 23rd, we loaded the family and my grandparents into the Suburban and headed for Montana to accompany dad on his bear hunt. The last time I stayed at a quaint, remote cabin in the middle of nowhere Montana was when I was in my mom’s belly! This time, however, Dad promised much nicer lodging, with indoor, functioning plumbing.

First, we had to drive through Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wyoming until we found a hotel with a pool! And that’s when we learned that my sister is actually a mermaid… completely fearless in the water! And by “in the water,” I mean, she obsessively bobbed her head underneath the surface so much and for so long that mom didn’t know if we should all be impressed or call for a lifeguard. I guess Genesee’s YMCA swim lessons have had an impact!? Luckily, we all survived to enjoy a delicious Applebee’s dinner in the comfort of our hotel sheets.

Eventually, after 11/2 days of driving, we arrived at our final destination and Dad did not disappoint!

Once we got settled into our home-away-from-home, it was time to get serious about hunting by scoping out 12,000 acres of wildlife paradise. Then, after learning the lay of the land, we made a game plan to wake up at 5:15 a.m. every morning to search for a bear that didn’t want to be found.

Not all was lost, however, because we won the hide-and-seek contest against the elk cows and bulls, turkeys, mule deer, prong horns, porcupines, gophers, long billed curlews, and Clark’s Nutcrackers… all discovered against the breathtaking backdrop of snow-capped mountains. But, in case that wasn’t enough to call the trip a success, Dad and I also caught a nice rainbow trout at the fishing pond and, just to keep the ladies happy and fed, we harvested a turkey on our final hunt!

My favorite part of hunting was shooting Mountain Dew cans with my BB gun and playing chauffeur for Dad and Grandpa by driving the Honda across the rugged terrain. Still, some of the best memories made happened outside of hunting hours when we enjoyed movie marathons with buttered popcorn (Genesee’s new favorite movie is Flicka 2, particularly the kissing scene), played Chutes & Ladders championships, practiced our golf swings and soccer moves, learned how to play Euchre, caught up on lost beauty sleep, went on long hikes, took joyrides on the 4-wheeler, ate LOTS of food, and just enjoyed the peace and quiet of limited internet connectivity.

Thanks for a great trip, Montana! We love your wide open spaces, but you can keep your steady 25 mph winds.

Until next time…