Meeting Grandpa Florence

This week I finally got to meet my Grandpa Florence! He’s pretty funny. He nicknamed me Thunderpants when I showed him how loudly I can fill my diaper. Silly grandpa! I also showed Grandpa how brave I am when I had to endure 3 shots at my 6 week check-up. I only cried a little, but I mean, who wouldn’t? In fact, I think mom cried too and they didn’t even poke her, so I guess I am pretty brave!

Grandpa did lots of things with me… he held me, fed me, bounced me in my chair, played tummy time with me, hiked in the forest, went on a 4-wheeler ride, visited UW-L, went grocery shopping and let me play with his kids, Sugar & Bella. His kids have 4 legs, which I thought was a little odd, yet they seemed even more intrigued by me.

It was great fun meeting Grandpa Florence. He says he’s been waiting for me. And, I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I’m pretty sure I was worth the wait!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today we celebrate my dad as he turns another year older better! My dad is neat-o! I really look up to him because, well, he’s taller than me, but mostly because he is everything I want to be when I grow up. He’s sincere (but finds a way to be silly), he’s hard-working (but knows how to enjoy life), he is thoughtful and takes good care of those he loves, he’s mentally and physically strong, he’s practical (yet so adventurous) and he’s just all things wonderful. Because I love him so much, I wanted to give him the perfect gift. Despite mom’s best efforts to put me to bed, I stayed awake all of Monday night trying to come up with an idea… What’s better than a fishing boat? What will give him more treasured memories than a hunting trip? What would dad like to play with, take good care of, and love forever? Hmmmm….

ME! I’m the perfect gift… no refunds or exchanges necessary. What else does a guy need?! Happy Birthday, Dad!

Sing-a-long or Snore-a-long

Today mom and I tried to recover from yesterday’s sadness by hanging out with her friend Tara, my friend Ellie, and a bunch of other friendly faces at the New Mom and Baby group.  We got to experience a fun music class… there was singing, guitar playing, tambourines, maracas, dancing and more! Mom says I wasn’t the best participant; see if you can find me in the picture below.

photo 1

Apparently, I slept through the whole thing. Mom tickled me, sang to me and danced with me and I just snored away. Oops. Good thing I redeemed myself when we went to my cousin Cortney’s concert tonight. There was a lot of music there too, and this time I stayed awake! However, instead of snoring, mom says I was making music in my pants the whole time. How embarrassing! Well, at least I participated.

photo 4

Goodbyes are hard.

Last night I learned that there are bigger things to cry about than my poopy diaper…we had to say goodbye to my big brother, Drake. Mom cried and cried and cried and so I joined in too. It seemed the only thing to do. Drakey was furry and friendly, with a spirit as strong as his big ol’ tail. He was gentle (except when you wiggled a pancake in front of his nose), he had such a kind soul, and he was faithful beyond measure. He loved unconditionally and was always happy to see everyone, especially my dad… those two were best buddies.

I got to pet Drakey one last time before we buried him and I heard him whisper that it’s my turn to be dad’s best buddy. No one will ever replace my big brother, but I’m going to try my bestest to be that buddy for my dad so I can make Drakey proud and he can sleep peacefully in our backyard. And then someday when my dad says I’m his new best buddy, I can stand over Drake’s memorial site and acknowledge that everything I learned about loyalty, strength and unconditional love, I learned from him. He will always be my first teacher, and always my big brother. Rest in peace, Drakey. You lived a good, long life, but still died too soon.

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Drakey Pancakey Goodenough
November 3, 2000 – May 14, 2014
Preceded in death by Bennie
Eternally grateful to his grandparents, Duane & Cheri….  “Thank you for taking such good care of me and opening your home to me. I will miss those breakfasts…”

(little) Big Man on Campus!

I went to college today! Making friends was so easy. Everyone was quite happy to see me and easily impressed. When I yawned, they thought I was cute. When I sneezed, they said “adorable.” When I snored, I got all sorts of giggles. When I made stinkers in my pants, they… well, they gave me back to my mom. But mostly, they loved me. College is fun!


Last night I had my first bath…I liked it so much, I cried when it was over. In fact, I tried to get a return trip to the bathtub, but mom and dad were too quick with the diaper. Next time I will have to devise a sneakier plan to sabotage Mission Squeaky Clean. Stay tuned…

Mother’s Day

I would like to take a moment to give a shout out to my momma and wish her a happy, happy Mother’s Day! She’s the best mom I’ve ever had. It was her first mother’s day so I decided to help her in the garden. I was pretty much the main supervisor out there, keeping an eye on things for quality control. I’m so good at it, I even supervised with my eyes closed for most of the time… no big deal.

Mom told me that this holiday is sometimes sad for her because she misses my Grandma Florence. But although the world is emptier without her around, mom said that I put the happy back into Mother’s Day! Just by being here…that’s all I had to do. I can’t wait to see how happy Mother’s Day is next year when I talk dad into planning a surprise getaway weekend for all of us!! I’ve got all sorts of tricks up my onesie sleeve.


photo (1)

Look what mom and dad bought me today… a new pet! I’ve wanted a giraffe ever since I was born. I tried to smile to show my gratitude, but a frowny-face came out instead. (I hate when that happens.) Sometimes I get those mixed up, but cut me some slack… I’m still new around here. Anyway, Mr. Giraffe is so mild-mannered and stoic. He’s even potty-trained already! Wow. I will be someday too, but not today. Because it’s just way too funny to pee on mom and dad when they change my diaper sometimes… you should hear mom scream! Hilarious.