He came home!

After 11 excruciating days without my dad, he finally came home! Just one last car ride separated us: (video)

… before we were reunited: (video)

To make up for lost time, we hugged, read every book in my library, and then hugged some more. After we got all of that out of the way, it was time for a fashion show so I could sport my new “Moosey Eater” bib that Dad brought me from Canada.

Finally, we ended the night by playing tickle wars: (video)

My dad went to Canada in search of a big moose, and came home to find a little guy (that’s me) who “moosed” him very much. Reunited…. it feels so good.

Living on the edge

Warning: Don’t try this at home. The following stunt should only be attempted by the most skilled jumpers, who are brave enough to live on the edge and take that leap of faith. As you watch, notice the careful calculation and precise execution:

Once your standing ovation concludes, feel free to take a seat.


And that’s our show for today, folks!

Rediscovering Smiles

My dad traveled all the way to Canada in an attempt to put food on the table. (Too bad he’s not aware of that local grocery store mom stopped at the other day.) Because of this heroic act, mom and I have had to live without him for the last week and we’ve been lonely. So, last weekend, in an effort to distract me from the missing-my-dad-blues, Mom actively sought out opportunities to rediscover my smiley face…

At the Hmong New Year celebration, I found my smile through connecting with good friends and getting into a wrestling match with a balloon! (I won. Twice.)

The following day, we traveled out of state (to Minnesota, which is just across the river, but Mom says “out-of-state” sounds more adventurous)…

…there we found my smile again, inspired by an impressive parade! Since my last parade appearance, I’ve learned to keep candy that’s thrown at me instead of throwing it back. But this time around, instead of being a passive observer, I attempted to join the parade! It wasn’t the cute, furry dogs that lured me in. Nor was it the marching band, the pony, or the skateboarders. The thing that got me was the beautiful, green, John Deere tractor. I screamed when I saw it. I just couldn’t help myself; it was love at first sight. I quickly chased after this impressive machine so we could live happily ever after, but Mom caught me and ruined that dream. Rats! One day I’ll be able to outrun her, but until that day comes (probably sometime next month), I’m left to only wonder about the tractor that got away.


Mission: FUN

Question: What do you get when you combine birthday cake, rainbows and carmel apples?

Answer: Lots of Jaeger smiles during last weekend’s mission to fill our days with FUN!!

The fun started at my friend’s birthday party. Isaiah turned 5 years old and we celebrated with cake, legos (which I wasn’t allowed to eat touch), story time, piñatas, and more!

Then, we headed down to Riverside for Pride Fest! I ran into some of my UWL buddies and already got recruited to enroll at Western Technical College. I guess they know talent when they see it.

Finally, we met up with Sonia, Abe, William, Hope and all the parents at Ferguson’s Apple Orchard. Now that I’m old enough to peruse the property on my own terms, I sure can get into a lot more trouble!

Mission: FUN was quite successful, and fun!

Jaeger’s Got Talent

Dear “America’s Got Talent,”

Please accept my below video submissions for your show. I trust you’ll find my talent impressive.

Here I am, perfecting one of my old skills: snapping!


And here I am, imperfecting a brand new skill: push-ups!


Additionally, while I don’t have the video evidence, I hope you’ll also accept this still image of my table dancing skills:


I look forward to appearing on your show!

Yours Truly,
The-ever-so-talented Jaeger Amari

My New Classroom

Even though I miss my former teachers and my little infant buddies, I find myself enjoying my new classroom! To ease the transition, mom occasionally lets me peek my head into the infant room to prevent folks from experiencing Jaeger withdrawal. After I blow them all kisses, it’s off to the bigger kid room, where I’m adjusting to a new environment, yet still feel very loved. Luckily, I didn’t have to leave the dance parties behind. And better yet, I also got to bring my dinosaur roar with me! Life is good. Stay tuned to witness how much I learn and grow in this classroom; it’s going to be a great year!