My sister is a monster…

…for Halloween this year.


But no one jumped or screamed because the monster trick-or-treated her way through Festival’s BooFest, the Enchanted Forest, and Viterbo University’s Halloween event by also assuming the role of Welcoming Committee. Hence, Genesee’s cover was blown every. single. time. she opened her cute mouth and let out a sweet “Hiiii!!!” (Her newest trick.)

Luckily, Genesee’s Midwest-nice was Marvel-ously balanced by her sidekick… the righteous king, noble Avenger, and fearsome warrior:



Ha. Just kidding!

But I did connect with some of my roots to embody Wakanda’s fierce and powerful Black Panther.


And so I used my powers to sweet-talk lots of treats into our buckets with phrases like “please,” “thank you,” “trick or treat,” and “how many am I allowed to take for my sister?” Because despite Genesee’s limited vocabulary and lacking manners, I vigilantly ensured that her bucket got filled alongside mine becauseĀ the perk of having a complete set of teeth is that I get to consume my sister’s candy that’s what loving, responsible, superhero-brothers do.


Needless to say, it was a happy and delicious Halloween!


The first snow

Me: “Woohoooo!! It’s snowing! I can’t believe it’s Christmas now! YESSS!”


Fun-spoiler mother: “It’s not Christmas, Jaeger. It’s just snowing.”

Me: “Oh… Well, still, I’ve been waiting so long for a snow day. I love it! Woohoo!! SNOW IS THE BEST…”

Also me: …particularly when observed from inside my warm and dry house, under a fuzzy blanket, and snuggled up next to our cozy fireplace.

Watch out, world!

First, she took a stand.

Then, she started a movement.

[Video evidence of G’s new walking skills.]

Indeed, my little sister is quite the inspiration… Fierce. Courageous. And ready to change the world, one step at a time.

But before you jump on her bandwagon or sign up to become her campaign manager, I’d like to remind everyone that Genesee still poops her pants.

Level 3: Water Stamina

My mom’s not the best swimmer in the world, but she’s determined to make me one. So, here I am, back at swimming lessons because, apparently, it’s an important life skill blah, blah, blah. But even though I pretend not to like it, I’m all smiles and giggles once I get to the pool. In fact, I’m no longer afraid of the locker room, now that I have an easier time getting myself un/dressed. Also, I’ve become fearless when it comes time to put my head under water. Even more, I jump right off the diving board like I never have before. And the best part? In between strokes and splashes, I think about how awesome it is that the life lessons I’m learning take place in the same pool that my dad was taught how to swim!