Christmas vacation with Papa Florence!

Papa Florence came to visit me!!!


He brought two furry friends and some gifts that Santa asked him to deliver to yours truly (that’s me!)

After I put a few miles on my new tractors, we played outside in the NOOOOO! (Snow)

Then, we gave Papa his Christmas gifts so I could teach him how to remove wrapping paper at a remarkably slow rate.

Next, I continued to impress by showing Papa a few tricks on my bike. (Look… no feet! And check out my backwards pedal.)

Finally we went for a quick 4-wheeler ride….

…before it was time for Papa to head back to Mukwonago.

Thanks for visiting, Papa Florence! I miss you already, so please come over and play again soon.


Christmas 2015

My 2nd Christmas was a success! It was all about spending quality moments with family, friends, and John Deere tractors. For me, this holiday was an opportunity to give thanks for candy canes and Christmas cookies. ‘Tis the season to boisterously proclaim “NOOOOOO” (translation = “Snow”) for every white flurry that danced in the winter air, and a time when we paused often to grieve the loss of each glass ornament that I confused for a tennis ball. This was also the year I got crowned “Worst Gift Opener Ever,” which might explain the nicely-wrapped presents still sitting under the tree. Other highlights from this Christmas included a family-sized bean bag that moved into our house (Love it!), as well as a spunky little puppy named Blitzen, who became our new neighbor. And even though Christmas 2015 is now just a wonderful memory, I still have one more super-duper week of vacation to enjoy! Mom says that gives me just enough time to get into more trouble and to not open all of my remaining gifts. So, let the celebration continue…

It’s beginning to look a lot like….


Everywhere we go…

…I’m unfamiliar with the rest of the lyrics of this song…


And REALLY unfamiliar with this funny-looking stranger, whose lap I’m sitting on below.


This old man kinda ruined the holiday spirit, if you ask me. I would have preferred to meet the “magical Santa guy” that everyone keeps talking about.

Oh wait a minute… what?! That was him?! Oh no! Did I ruin my chance to impress? Can I get a do-over?

Progress Report: 19/20 months old

Last month’s parent-teacher conference was an opportunity for my teachers to formally brag about my performance in the one-year-old room…

My teachers say I am a very social boy! I start every day with a role call, as I point to each of my buddies so that my teachers will announce their names. Once everyone is accounted for, I begin my running and climbing workout. After I reach an optimum heart rate, I like to cool down with a good book. I LOVE reading!

IMG_3871But that’s just a typical day. Sometimes, we mix things up a bit and embark on adventures or invite guest speakers to our room. In fact, one of my favorite days at school so far was when the firefighters came to visit us. It was so exciting… I even got backstage passes and a full tour of the truck! I LOVE trucks!

Outside of school, I’ve been just as busy. Here are some of my new talents:

  1. I like to sing my ABC’s and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. If you’re lucky, you’ll even hear me perform a remix, where I combine both songs.
  2. I’ve become quite interested in sitting on the toilet bowl. I haven’t discovered quite what to do once I get up there, but I’m pretty sure it’s the best seat in the house.
  3. I’ve added more sounds to my repertoire – just ask me what a fish says, what Papa Florence says, or what a baby says!
  4. I need to work on my sharing skills. Currently, everything within arm’s reach is “MINE!”
  5. I can jump a lot higher these days. I’m a kangaroo-in-training.
  6. I no longer use a pacifier! (I was not consulted about this decision, but I’ve been doing my best to support it.)

I also had my routine well-child appointment with Doc this month. I’m weighing in at 25 lbs (33rd percentile), measuring 35 inches long (95th percentile), and have a head circumference of 47.2 cm (24th percentile). When I do the math, all those numbers seem to add up to AWESOME, but who’s counting?! What matters most is that I’m healthy and happy. (The fact that I’m awesome is just an added bonus.)

Goodbye Arizona…

…and hello, Wisconsin!

My first cross-country road trip was long a success! I had a lot of fun in the Arizona sun with Aunt Nay Nay, Uncle Jon, Cousin Cookie, Mom and Dad! In fact, I made so many memories that I had to hire a photographer (mom) to capture every moment. Below are some of my highlights:

I went on lots of walks,

I visited every park within a 30 mile radius,

I made some friends at Maricopa’s public library,

I spent hours at the Phoenix Children’s Museum,

I took a trip to Makutu’s Island,

I bounced around at Pump It Up,

and I got into the holiday spirit during my stroll through Tempe’s Zoo Lights!

By the end of my vacation, I reunited with Dad, who had spent most of the week hunting in Williams, AZ for a big elk. As you can see below, his trip was successful too.

On our return to Wisconsin, I learned how to enjoy the ride like a good little traveler, especially once I figured out how to watch movies on the iPad. (Cars is my favorite!) And speaking of cars, we filled ours up with affordable gas, as low as $1.66/gallon at one gas station. We also lucked out with the weather, enjoyed lovely accommodations at every hotel, and just shared a lot of laughs.

All in all, everyone had a great time, except for Mr. Elk. However, if you would like to meet him, he’ll be our featured guest dish at supper for the next 7 months.