Christmas 2015

My 2nd Christmas was a success! It was all about spending quality moments with family, friends, and John Deere tractors. For me, this holiday was an opportunity to give thanks for candy canes and Christmas cookies. ‘Tis the season to boisterously proclaim “NOOOOOO” (translation = “Snow”) for every white flurry that danced in the winter air, and a time when we paused often to grieve the loss of each glass ornament that I confused for a tennis ball. This was also the year I got crowned “Worst Gift Opener Ever,” which might explain the nicely-wrapped presents still sitting under the tree. Other highlights from this Christmas included a family-sized bean bag that moved into our house (Love it!), as well as a spunky little puppy named Blitzen, who became our new neighbor. And even though Christmas 2015 is now just a wonderful memory, I still have one more super-duper week of vacation to enjoy! Mom says that gives me just enough time to get into more trouble and to not open all of my remaining gifts. So, let the celebration continue…

One thought on “Christmas 2015

  1. Jaeger- it looks like you had a fun Christmas. It’s too bad Drake didn’t get a chance to show you how to open presents nicely. Love, Mary

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