Goodbye Arizona…

…and hello, Wisconsin!

My first cross-country road trip was long a success! I had a lot of fun in the Arizona sun with Aunt Nay Nay, Uncle Jon, Cousin Cookie, Mom and Dad! In fact, I made so many memories that I had to hire a photographer (mom) to capture every moment. Below are some of my highlights:

I went on lots of walks,

I visited every park within a 30 mile radius,

I made some friends at Maricopa’s public library,

I spent hours at the Phoenix Children’s Museum,

I took a trip to Makutu’s Island,

I bounced around at Pump It Up,

and I got into the holiday spirit during my stroll through Tempe’s Zoo Lights!

By the end of my vacation, I reunited with Dad, who had spent most of the week hunting in Williams, AZ for a big elk. As you can see below, his trip was successful too.

On our return to Wisconsin, I learned how to enjoy the ride like a good little traveler, especially once I figured out how to watch movies on the iPad. (Cars is my favorite!) And speaking of cars, we filled ours up with affordable gas, as low as $1.66/gallon at one gas station. We also lucked out with the weather, enjoyed lovely accommodations at every hotel, and just shared a lot of laughs.

All in all, everyone had a great time, except for Mr. Elk. However, if you would like to meet him, he’ll be our featured guest dish at supper for the next 7 months.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Arizona…

  1. Sounds like a fun trip! That Children’s Museum seemed like a blast…The last paragraph of this post cracked me up!

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