Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today we celebrate my dad as he turns another year older better! My dad is neat-o! I really look up to him because, well, he’s taller than me, but mostly because he is everything I want to be when I grow up. He’s sincere (but finds a way to be silly), he’s hard-working (but knows how to enjoy life), he is thoughtful and takes good care of those he loves, he’s mentally and physically strong, he’s practical (yet so adventurous) and he’s just all things wonderful. Because I love him so much, I wanted to give him the perfect gift. Despite mom’s best efforts to put me to bed, I stayed awake all of Monday night trying to come up with an idea… What’s better than a fishing boat? What will give him more treasured memories than a hunting trip? What would dad like to play with, take good care of, and love forever? Hmmmm….

ME! I’m the perfect gift… no refunds or exchanges necessary. What else does a guy need?! Happy Birthday, Dad!

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