Meeting Grandpa Florence

This week I finally got to meet my Grandpa Florence! He’s pretty funny. He nicknamed me Thunderpants when I showed him how loudly I can fill my diaper. Silly grandpa! I also showed Grandpa how brave I am when I had to endure 3 shots at my 6 week check-up. I only cried a little, but I mean, who wouldn’t? In fact, I think mom cried too and they didn’t even poke her, so I guess I am pretty brave!

Grandpa did lots of things with me… he held me, fed me, bounced me in my chair, played tummy time with me, hiked in the forest, went on a 4-wheeler ride, visited UW-L, went grocery shopping and let me play with his kids, Sugar & Bella. His kids have 4 legs, which I thought was a little odd, yet they seemed even more intrigued by me.

It was great fun meeting Grandpa Florence. He says he’s been waiting for me. And, I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I’m pretty sure I was worth the wait!

4 thoughts on “Meeting Grandpa Florence

  1. When am I going to get to meet the little guy??? Call me when you have a chance, I really want to catch up.

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