Goodbyes are hard.

Last night I learned that there are bigger things to cry about than my poopy diaper…we had to say goodbye to my big brother, Drake. Mom cried and cried and cried and so I joined in too. It seemed the only thing to do. Drakey was furry and friendly, with a spirit as strong as his big ol’ tail. He was gentle (except when you wiggled a pancake in front of his nose), he had such a kind soul, and he was faithful beyond measure. He loved unconditionally and was always happy to see everyone, especially my dad… those two were best buddies.

I got to pet Drakey one last time before we buried him and I heard him whisper that it’s my turn to be dad’s best buddy. No one will ever replace my big brother, but I’m going to try my bestest to be that buddy for my dad so I can make Drakey proud and he can sleep peacefully in our backyard. And then someday when my dad says I’m his new best buddy, I can stand over Drake’s memorial site and acknowledge that everything I learned about loyalty, strength and unconditional love, I learned from him. He will always be my first teacher, and always my big brother. Rest in peace, Drakey. You lived a good, long life, but still died too soon.

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Drakey Pancakey Goodenough
November 3, 2000 – May 14, 2014
Preceded in death by Bennie
Eternally grateful to his grandparents, Duane & Cheri….  “Thank you for taking such good care of me and opening your home to me. I will miss those breakfasts…”

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