Pine View Campground

It was an easy 35-minute drive to explore a new-to-us campground at Fort McCoy! There was only one spot left when mom called to make the reservation, and we were more than pleased with our randomly-assigned corner lot, right near the miniature golf course.

It was just the trip we needed… a wind down before the hustle and bustle of back-to-schooll!

We rented a 4-person pedal bike to tour the premises, walked down to Trout Falls Bridge and splashed in the water, played all of the games (frisbee golf, miniature golf, and basketball), concocted our own slushies in the main lobby, tested the digital speed limit signs with our electric scooters, and then listened to our favorite tunes while we roasted perfectly golden marshmallows over the moonlit campfire (well, some of us did… poor little G just can’t hang with the cool cats).

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