Friday Funday

What do you do on the last Friday of summer vacation?! Well, after you get your annual well-child check-up at the health clinic (complete with a vaccine shot for your little sis), you follow these instructions to have a fun day:

First, you go to Pearl Street Books to shop local and then you kidnap Beth and take her to Polito’s for a bigger-than-your-head slice of pepperoni pizza.

Next, you must run your little hearts out at the Children’s museum and treat yourself to Super Premium Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream (and popcorn, of course), at the Great River Popcorn Company.

Finally, this ultimate fun day requires discovering a new favorite store: Genie’s rock shop on downtown La Crosse’s historic Main Street! (Thanks, Laura!) You’ll be overstimulated by billions of beautiful rocks of all shapes, colors, sizes, and prices. (Pro Tip: If you want to purchase the $6,300 gem that greets you at the front door, do not visit with my mother because she gives you a $5.00 purchasing limit.)

Genie’s Rock Shop is WAY cooler than Target, but you should probably end the night with a routine stop at Target anyway, just for good measure.

And after all of that, you can confidently add an enthusiastic exclamation point to the end of your summer story, with no regrets, because you’ll finally feel pumped and ready to write the sequel: Back to School!

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