Authrene ties the knot

We were truly honored to be invited guests at Authrene and Tony’s special day! I was highly anticipating this event for months, as it had been too long since I’ve seen some of my favorite college buddies, and the day did not disappoint!

I pursued every hug I could and then I smiled until my cheeks got sore. There’s just something about seeing one of your favorite people so happy… it made my heart full.

It was such a beautiful day! Besides my sister’s questionable decision to wear pink hair extensions and a unicorn headband accessory, everyone looked stunning!

Equally stunning was that dessert table, although it got a little awkward when Genesee couldn’t keep her hands off of it.

Thankfully, no one passed judgement because it was, after all, a love story for the ages. I mean, Authrene and Tony’s love story is an incredible one to celebrate, too, but Genesee and cake pops were truly meant to be together.

Cheers to forever! And congrats Authrene and Tony!

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