Genesee on Trial: Facing 21 months

All Rise. Court is now in session with Judge Jaeger presiding and prosecuting.

Calling the case of the People of the State of Wisconsin vs. Genesee Jaydeigh Goodenough.

Opening Statement:
April 26th marked 21 months of sharing my toys and my spotlight with my little sister, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean, I could do without the sharing part, but Genesee made us a party of 4 and I love a good party. Plus, she gets cuter every day and I can hardly stand it.

But cuteness only takes you so far in life. Consequently, I’ve started collecting evidence to determine if she’s worthy of that bedroom I was evicted from.

First, I observed Genesee’s every move and became slightly concerned by her obsession with Dad. Hence, the stalking allegations on her record.

Then, I noticed Genesee started following me, too. And although I found this behavior to be somewhat unwanted and annoying, mom assured me that I’ll think it’s cool someday.

Over time, my observations of Genesee pointed to signs of change, growth, improvement, and increased intelligence, like you’ll see in Exhibit A (below):


Genesee is starting to like mom a little bit!

Let me also present to you, Exhibit B:


Genesee has started brushing her own sweet tooth!

And of course, there’s Exhibit P:

Closing Argument:
In conclusion, I’d like to present this final piece of evidence (video documentation below) that proves Genesee is no longer the innocent baby we once knew. In fact, somewhere between all the changing and growing, we found her guilty of filling our house with laughter:

However, while guilty on one count, we do adore our cutesy-wootsy-but-sometimes-whiney chocolate-milk-drinking, door-closing, bathwater-listening, always-snacking, dad-shadowing, arm-crossing, nature-loving lady and so I hereby release the defendant to continue living her best life so that the world can enjoy her goofy contributions to society.

Genesee: Please do not make me regret this verdict. Instead, go forth and do good in the world by continuing to make us all proud.

Case closed. This court is adjourned.

One thought on “Genesee on Trial: Facing 21 months

  1. Well Judge Jaeger, this amount of cuteness in this single blog post should be considered a crime. I mean really, exhibit Pee. Lol. ❤

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