First Fish as a Five-Year-Old

Last weekend, we headed down to the North Bend Bottoms to kick off the fishing season!

I woke up wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, unlike my sleepyhead father, who forgot my life jacket. Luckily, we had a different lifesaver along: Grandpa, who remembered the Oreos.

Part of being a 5-year-old fisherboy is boredom. But, just as I got so bored that I started missing my sister, we caught some action in the form of a Red Horse and a Sturgeon – two types of fish I’ve never seen before. Then, I was hooked!

Fishing with Dad and Grandpa is the best… Go for the Oreos and stay to see what else Grandpa packed in his lunch cooler. And, of course, it’s fun to catch fish with my five-year-old muscles, too!

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