After Party Eggstravaganza

Easter wasn’t just Easter. It was also the 3rd installment of my birthday celebration series. Because turning 5 requires a Pre-Party, an Official Party, and an After Party Eggstravaganza.

Before kicking off Easter weekend, the Easter Bunny visited us at school! One of us was grateful…


…the other one was traumatized.

Luckily, for Genesee’s sake, there were no run-ins with the Easter Bunny at home, but there was evidence that he visited!


After inspecting Easter baskets and enjoying the contents for breakfast, we moved the celebration to the Nicolai’s house for the After Party Eggstravaganza.


Based on the above smiles, snuggles, happy bellies, and full hearts, it is my recommendation that we continue the three-pronged approach to commemorate all birthdays from this day forward.

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