Officially Five

Chuck E. Cheese was just the pre-party, of course, because my actual birthday was April 16th. That’s the day I officially became a 5-year-old, so we sealed the deal with cupcakes at school, a dino-mite birthday cake at Grandma’s kitchen, and a much-anticipated gift opening session before bed.


If you’re looking for me anytime soon, I’ll likely be playing my new Nintendo Switch game system (thanks parents and Nicolais), modeling & test-running my sweet new Pumas (thanks, Kari!), scrolling the Amazon site with my loaded gift card (thanks, Papa!), or flying my new kite and enjoying the outdoors on my new tree swing (thanks, Grandma & Grandpa)!

If you’re wondering what 5-years-old looks like on me, I’m the cute little guy with newly-surfaced freckles, a skill for translating my sister’s jibberish, a sudden fear of “bad guys,” and a need to confirm the doors are locked every night. I also have a wiggly tooth, a bike with no training wheels (that I have yet to master), a newfound love for the TV show Wild Kratts, a well-developed talent for snapping, and a constant urge to run throughout the house naked.

To be five is to be alive; watch me live this year up!

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