Say (Chuck E.) Cheese!

Ain’t no party like a Chuck E Cheese party, so I gathered all of my favorite 4k friends and headed to the big city and bright lights to celebrate turning 5, and IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE! …Somewhat because that was my chosen party theme (Incredibles 2), but mostly because nothing says incredible like 800 hard-earned tickets, 270 calories of cotton candy, 120 minutes of non-stop fun, 60 seconds in the Ticket Blaster, 50+ arcade games/rides, 10 birthday gifts, 3 helium balloons, 2 pieces of cheesy pizza, and one candlelit-buttercream-frosted cupcake with a Grandma/Grandpa-provided ice cream scoop!

Thanks for helping me ring in year 5, Ireland, Lila, Quinn, Maddox, Vivian, Sonia, Julian, Violet, and little Noah!

One thought on “Say (Chuck E.) Cheese!

  1. Happy belated 5th Birthday Jaeger! Time flies and you have grown so much. How did you get so tall so fast?! 🙂 . Here’s to another wonderful year full of love, fun discoveries and big kid-hood.

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